Fear the Walking Dead: season 6: Is Morgan Still Alive?

Fear the Walking Dead -Season 6,
Fear the Walking Dead -Season 6, Credit: AMC

Fear the Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror drama television series. Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson have credited the piece, and the series got on AMC. The release date was on August 23, 2015. It is a protector series and prequel to The Walking Dead. In July 2018, AMC revitalized the series for a fifth season.

The fifth season got premiere on June 2, 2019. Afterward, in July 2019, the series was again renewed for the sixth season. So, let’s know all the details regarding the sixth season of the series. The page will provide you all sorts of information in need.

Fear The Walking Dead:

The edge of last season has the scene where Ginny shot Morgan and left him for dead. Later, we see the walkers clustered in on his location. What happened to him has not revealed yet? His he dead? Or is he alive?  To know fans have to wait until the show returns later this year.

Fear the Walking Dead -Season 6,
Fear the Walking Dead -Season 6,
Credit: AMC

Speaking to NME on season 6, Lennie remained shy about the latest happenings. He said, “I couldn’t possibly comment!” He is a real survivor, But in this universe where it has been proven over and over on both The Walking Dead and Fear, that time can call anybody at any time.

He also adds, Nothing is cent percent true. But the time of Morgan is up! Or may not be. Hopefully, we can get to see the new season of Fear and see how that plays out. Thus the only possible way to have an answer is to keep patience.

Release Date: Fear The Walking Dead: Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead -Season 6,
Fear the Walking Dead -Season 6,
Credit: AMC

Fear The Walking Dead; Season 6 is expecting to be in the air later this year. Due to Corona Pandemic and its consequences, the filming is currently excluded. So, It is hoping that after curbing of the graph of deaths of Corona, Shooting may start.

Thus, the exact date of release has yet not known. Though, the first trailer for season six premiered on April 9.


If Morgan will be there! It is a doubtful one. Except him, Madison Clark is undoubtedly coming back on the Season 6. More details will be updated as soon as the official websites or social media reveal. Until then, check other series and help yourself.


The trailer of the sixth season of the TV series is out. You can browse here and imagine the happenings on your own!