How to Find Effective CBD Suppositories Online – 2024 Guide


They are different ways of taking CBD. One can massage CBD oil on the body, take it orally, through an injection, or even smoke it. In addition to these different ways, one can take the CBD through the urethra, rectum, or vagina. CBD taken using the above method is known as suppository CBD.

Taking suppositories may seem uncomfortable. However, certain conditions necessitate one to use them. Some of these conditions include;

  • You cannot swallow the medicine.
  • The medicine is too bitter and cannot be taken orally.
  • You are vomiting and cannot keep the medicine down.

Taking CBD suppositories also has its benefits, and you can take suppositories even if the above conditions don’t apply to you. Some of the benefits of taking this type of CBD include;

  • Fast-acting- When you take in suppositories, they are absorbed directly in the anal/vaginal capillaries. It makes them instrumental in relieving pain rapidly. Most women use suppositories for menopause relief, cramps relief, and to relieve pain during penetrative sex.
  • CBD suppositories avoid the gastrointestinal(GI) tract- When you take CBD orally, the essential ingredients may not get used in your body but instead end up in the toilet. When using suppositories, the body absorbs all the ingredients; hence the effect is more profound.

What should you consider when buying CBD suppositories online?


The internet provides us with an array of products that we can buy, and sometimes confusion may arise when you are looking for a CBD suppository. When shopping online, keep a keen eye on the following;

CBD composition

Suppositories may have 10mg, 50mg, or 100mg CBD. Generally, experts recommend that you get a suppository with at least 50mg of CBD. However, always ensure you consult a trusted physician to know how much CBD is right for you.


Comparing price tags between two suppositories is not enough to evaluate CBD suppositories’ cost. Gauge the price per the CBD milligram. Using this metric will help you know which product provides the best value for money spent.

Additional ingredients

CBD suppositories contain CBD and other additional ingredients. These ingredients vary from product to product, but there are common additions you may find in many suppositories, such as coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. You should check the ingredients to ensure that no ingredient can give you an allergic reaction.

Third-party testing

It would help if you realized that taking substandard CBD products may be detrimental to your health. To ensure you do not buy a poor-quality CBD product, ensure you get one that has gone through a third-party test. Third-party testing is when another company (third-party) other than the CBD company itself tests a product and checks whether it meets the purported quality and compliant with the laid-down regulations. Ensure you get a product from a company that engages in third-party testing and makes the tests’ results available to the public.

Where to shop for a CBD suppository product online?

As mentioned above, there are many CBD suppositories you can get online, and these suppositories are available on different sites. Not all sites are appropriate for getting the suppositories, and when you are deciding on the site to get your CBD products lookout for the following features;

Specialization in CBD products

When one wants medicine, the best place to buy the medicine is from a pharmacy because the pharmacist can recommend the most effective medicine. The same applies to CBD products, as those sites that specialize in selling CBD products have the most effective products in the market.

Also, such sites will often contain information to guide you on the best ways to consume the suppositories. A site such as specializes in CBD products, provides in detail some basic guidelines on how to use CBD Rectal and Vaginal suppositories. If you are stuck and don’t know which is the best medicine to take, you can always seek help, and you can get an expert opinion from the site’s customer service personnel.

Company’s trading partners

The company you are buying from should trade with companies that provide effective drugs. Once you identify a product, identify the manufacturers and know whether they follow regulations when manufacturing drugs. You should avoid an online company that engages with questionable partners if you do not want to be subjected to substandard CBD suppositories. Their trading partners should;

  • Engage in third-party testing
  • Have environment-friendly shipping
  • Engage in fair-trade


A critical part to consider when shopping online is the delivery process of the product. Always check whether the online shop has favorable return policies. Look out for shipping discounts that may favor you when deciding on the shop from which to buy your CBD suppositories. Ideally, delivery should not take over 3 business days, but it is up to you to check the specified delivery time from the specific site.

Top-rated CBD suppositories


There are CBD suppositories that most of the consumers prefer and rate to be effective. These suppositories include;

  • Foria Basics Suppositories

Foria is a CBD product firm known to manufacture effective CBD products, and their suppositories are not different. The Foria basic suppositories contain 100 mg of CBD and effectively offer pain relief, inflammation reduction, and muscle relaxation.

  • Endoca CBD suppositories

Endoca CBD suppositories are also rated to be among the best suppositories. An Endoca suppository contains 50 mg of CBD, and if you feel that Foria’s 100mg is too much, you should get the Endoca CBD suppository. Endoca is associated with dealing with high-grade hemp. Therefore, you can trust their products.

You can find more information about the CBD products on this website.

Key Takeaway

Taking suppositories might feel unconventional, but in some instances, they are the best to take. You can shop for the suppositories online, but as you do so, ensure you are getting the right product. A CBD-specialized online shop is the best place to start, as you get an array of products that can cater to your condition. Also, remember that they are also other suppositories you can get online, in addition to the Endoca CBD suppositories and Foria basics suppositories which we have recommended above, but when choosing a product, ensure it meets the required standard.