Ways to Know if Your Online Pharmacy is Certified

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Buying medicines online has its benefit. You do not have to step out and walk to the nearest pharmacist to buy your medicine; you get a discount, you get your medicine delivered to your doorstep. These are just a few things from many that we get from ordering from online pharmacists. It’s no surprise that online pharmacy is growing in the past decade. Although online pharmacists have a lot of benefits, sweet comes sour too.

The risks associated with ordering medicines online are many, like fake websites. With the rise of online pharmacists, there is a rise in fake websites, making them look very legitimate. No one will know, as they do not have anything to be fishy to doubt on. These pharmacists can be dangerous as they give out fake medicines.

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If you want to be safe from these fake pharmacist sites, you should look out for signs to know whether it is fake or genuine. Let’s know the signs of an uncertified pharmacist.

  • Permit you to purchase professionally prescribed medication without a substantial remedy from your medical care supplier.
  • You have no option to speak with a healthcare professional or a registered pharmacist.
  • There is no registration, listing, certification, or any kind of regulatory details.
  • Discounts given are way too much to be fishy and doubtful.
  • There are no contact details given on the website.
  • Unsolicited or spam emails are sent, offering low-cost medicines.
  • There are no queries about your medical conditions or problems before buying medicines.

Why are these dangerous?

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These unregulated and uncertified pharmacists are dangerous and risky for life because they are often seen to sell medicines that have:

  • They have way too much or very little of the active ingredient which is required to treat your disease.
  • The medicines they give have dangerous and harmful ingredients which can severely affect your health.
  • The active ingredient required to treat your disease is not present.
  • Proper warehousing of the medicine with adequate temperature control is not done. It can result in making the drug ineffective.

The main objective of buying medicine is to treat your illness, which can only be treated by the active ingredients present in the medicine prescribed to you. If a medicine you are purchasing has an unknown active ing

Ways to know whether your online pharmacist is certified:


Suppose you are not sure about the online website you are planning to buy medicines. In that case, you must start with checking if the company is registered in the General Pharmaceutical Council register. This records all the offline as well as online pharmacies that have been accredited by it. You can search by its registration number, postcode, or trading name.

You can also check the World Health Organisations(WHO) website, where you will get all the list of legitimate and certified medical authorities from all over the world.

What are the signs of a certified online pharmacy?

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  • The online pharmacy must have a legitimate physical address on their website. It must have all the contact information required.
  • The pharmacy requires you to show them a valid prescription of a healthcare professional before taking your order: If you are thinking of buying medicines without a prescription and looking out for online stores which do not require a prescription, you are on the wrong track. It’s not about medicines without prescription, but it is about your health. If a pharmacy gives you medicine without a valid prescription, it can be wrong or cheap medicine which can have harmful effects on health.
  • Has the option to speak to a doctor or pharmacist over the phone.
  • It delivers medicine with a clear batch number and expiry date.
  • Requires your medical history: Requires a proper and clear information about your health before proceeding with your order.
  • Look for reviews from verified customers: As a consumer, it is very important to be aware of frauds that are happening. Reading the review of an online pharmacy can help you know what people have to say about it and make the picture more clear. Check the reviews very carefully before ordering medicines. Never go with the things you see at first. If it has 5-star ratings all over, you have all the reasons to doubt. As not all like a service equally and gives 5 stars. If there are few bad reviews, check them out carefully.
  • Discounts: If any pharmaceutical company is giving discounts, that doesn’t mean they are not giving you the correct medicines. You must know companies offer discounts as a marketing strategy to grow. Also, if the discount is way too much, you have all the reasons to doubt. Remember, this should be your only criteria to judge a pharmacy.
  • Read the privacy and legal policies: Secure yourself and your family by utilizing alerts when purchasing medicine on the web. There are numerous drug store sites that work legitimately and offer privacy, convenience, and safeguards for buying medicines. You should consistently peruse the terms and conditions.


Going online has its benefits. Consumers are getting everything at their doorstep; they are getting discounts, offers, cashback, etc. But, with all the silver lining, there are clouds, too, so you must do your own research and verification before trusting them with your health. Your health is in your hand.