8 Possible Reasons Why Does Your Cable TV Keep Breaking Up

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Cable TV is still popular among users all around the world, but with outdated technology, it may happen that the picture breaks or pixelates, and the users usually can resolve the issue. It wasn’t that long ago when it was a revolutionary technology, and we were able to watch a lot of channels. Then, the providers started offering combined packs with Internet, but the thing is that they were providing these services with a cable.

There is nothing more frustrating than losing the picture while watching your favorite show, and sometimes it doesn’t depend on you. The first thing you can do is to contact the customer service support and tell them your problem, so they can check the situation, and resolve it if they can. You can click here to learn more about what to tell, and which information they will need, so they can be able to help.

Surely, before you report the issue, you need to check if you can fix the connection by yourself. On the other hand, you shouldn’t try to fix the technical issues – that’s a job for the tech support service. But, here are a few things that can happen, and you can try to fix them by yourself:

1. You get no picture when turning the TV on

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First, you have to check if all the “jacks” are in their place. Sometimes, we aren’t careful with the cable, and we can put some furniture over it, and if it’s scratched and damaged, we won’t be able to receive the picture. Make sure the cable receiver is always in its place and it’s turned on. You can then look for the input manually, and turn it on from the TV. If all of these things don’t work, we suggest trying it on another TV device. If it works there, then probably something is wrong with the TV. But, if it doesn’t work on other devices, you can report the providers for customer service.

2. Pixelated picture

As we said, the cable is completely fine, but the technology is going further, and it stays where it is. There are not a lot of options for further development, but the providers are trying to maintain the minimum of acceptable quality. You can do the same as for the no picture at all. Check if the jacks are in their place, check the cable, unplug it, and then plug it back if needed, and then check it again. Usually, the problem is resolved by doing this, but if it doesn’t go better, call the provider, and explain to them what’s happening. It may happen that all the users have the same issue, and they are trying to resolve it on time.

3. The equipment is visibly damaged

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There is one solution for this issue – you have to replace it with a new one. Usually, the providers are giving you the needed equipment, so if it’s damaged at your home, then you will have to resolve the problem by yourself. But, if the damage doesn’t depend on your behavior, then they can replace the critical parts for free.

4. The bad weather conditions outside

Maybe you remember the time when you had a TV antenna on the roof or the balcony, and every time when it rains or the wind is stronger, you don’t really have a picture on the TV. Even though it rarely happens to the cable, sometimes the heavy rains and violent winds can cause some issues, and in this case, you can’t do a lot. But, you can report to the provider that you and probably your neighbors have this issue, so they can find a better solution, or protect the equipment that is outside.

5. The cable quality

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Sometimes, the best possible solution is to replace the old equipment with a new one. Sometimes you may have issues because your cable is very old, and doesn’t follow the current technology. Call the provider, and tell them your opinion, and they will come to replace the suspicious cable.

6. Video and audio doesn’t match or there is no sound at all

We all know this one. You get a perfect picture, but there is no voice, or it’s completely wrong and doesn’t match the video. Sometimes, a simple restarting will resolve every issue. Some TV devices allow you to adjust the audio delay, or you can find the same option on your cable box. Of course, if nothing works, call the provider.

7. You hear an echo or other voices

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Even though it’s highly unlikely to happen, but you may have interference with your neighbor’s cable or satellite, depending on how old the equipment is. But, also, it can occur when you are using an additional sound system, to improve the experience. But, not every program is made for this type of sound solution, so we suggest using only the TV’s speakers, so you can avoid the unpleasant echo and weird noises. Also, you can adjust the sounds from the TV, and probably you will resolve it by yourself.

8. The picture is cracked

If it doesn’t look properly, and it’s the same situation on every channel, then probably the problem is located in your TV device. Also, if you have another at your home, replace the cable, and see if it works properly there. Who knows, maybe it’s time to buy a new TV device, in order to watch the programs with the expected quality you are paying for.


The cable can keep breaking up because of so many reasons, and you can try to fix the issues by yourself, but only if you really know what to do. The best solution is to report it to the customer care service and the provider will contact you for a solution. But, keep in mind that you can start thinking about embracing newer technologies, and their advanced solutions to always have a nice and clear picture on your TV.