Flashdance: A series Adaptation coming to CBS All access; Know when


Flashdance: A series adaptation coming to CBS all access. The Paramount+ streaming service currently known as CBS All Access. It is developing a TV series reboot film of the classic 1983 film Flashdance. Let us jump in to learn more about the Flashdance. 


Flashdance details:

The streaming service produces a series adaptation of Flashdance. And the 1983 film that began Jennifer Beals’ profession.

Flashdance is a passionate drama movie released in 1983. The film helmed by Adrian Lyne starred Jennifer Beals. And also Michael Nouri in headship roles. The movie revealed the life of a young dancer played by Jennifer Beals. And her mission to make it big as an expert Ballerina.

The film influenced numerous other Hollywood movies in terms of the performance of some scenes. At the time of the release, Flashdance reviews were mostly neutralizing by critics. However, the film became a huge box office smash. It was the third highest-grossing documentary of 1983. 


According to sources Journalist, the reboot will develop a young Black woman. And “with ballet fantasies and a strip club reality” who is trying to find her place in the world.  “while driving romance, money, art, understanding and how to love herself.” (In the original film, Beals’ actor was a welder at a steel mill. And also imagined growing a professional dancer.)

Lynda Obst, who worked as an associate producer on the original Flashdance, is now appended to execute the implied series. Angela Robinson (The L Word, True Blood) is likewise on board as an EP and will direct the pilot. And while Tracy McMillan (Good Girls Revolt) will write the scenario.

As earlier described, CBS All Access will rebrand as Paramount+ in early 2024. And as part of a relaunch of the streaming co-operation that will join original content with CBS shows. And cable vents MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Network, and Nickelodeon. (Paramount Pictures was also Flashdance‘s primary publisher.)

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