Floor Is Lava: Creators have revealed some secrets of the Netflix series.

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 Floor is Lava is an American gaming show. It is a comedy gaming show released on Netflix in June 2024. The gaming concept is so fresh that every one like to watch it. Recently the show maker Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath revealed many things about the show.

Well, the people around the globe have responded very well to this show and asking many questions about the show. Many people wanted to know how they get this idea, how they have animated this stuff, and the main thing how they have made the lava. Lava is the main stuff that is highlighted in this show. Everyone wants to know how they prepare it. So, here is the Q&A of the Floor is lava.

Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath revealed about Floor is Lava.

The creator duo of the Floor is lava is so smart that they have revealed many things expect the main thing. They have talked about everything, like how they got the ideas and how they have created the show. But for the question, “How they have made the amazing lava which looks like real?” they tricked and said that it is the key to the show. That they want to keep a secret.

Answering this question, McGrath said that, “They have hired Hollywood’s biggest chemists and slime substance-makers to make our lava.” He added that, “they did so much research on the lava-like how it floats and how it glows. They spent many months to make and test a lava which looks like original, and they can use it as their formula.”

Eyal, who is the co-creator of the show, came up with the reason for not answering the question. He said that, “They spent many months making a lava, and they work so hard to make it looks like the original. You want lava to glow, then the only thing you have to do is to add some chemicals into it.” He added that ” it took a long time to figure out exactly how do you make this thing bubble, flow, be slippery, be vicious in the right way, and also be safe that people can be submerged in it for minutes at a time, hours at a time, whatever it is, and come out safely.”

The comedy teaser of the show

To all the people who don’t know about Floor is lava. There is no such a thing like lava; it’s just their formula based chemical that looks like lava. They have made it to bring some fun in their comedy gaming. And one of the attractive things about this show is the prize money. The one who wins will get the $10000.

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So, this is it for the show Floor is Lava. Stay tuned with us for more stories and news.