Fun Ways to Make Cash at Home


Working a 9 to 5 job is not for everyone and there are other ways to make money. Even if you have a full-time job you enjoy, you might want to get your hands on some extra cash or find something to do in your free time. There are many ways you can make cash at home and on this page, you will find some of the fun ways to make money without leaving the house.

Online Competitions


Entering online competitions is easy and a fun way to make money at home. There are thousands of online competitions available each year and many of them are free to enter. Businesses are happy to offer a prize in exchange for your personal information, such as name, email, and postal address. If you enter a competition and find you are being spammed by the company running the contest, you can always unsubscribe from their mailing list. Creating a new email address specifically for entering competitions is a good idea. The beauty of online competitions is they are fast, easy, and fun to enter. Many reputable brands offer free to play competitions and will offer large cash prizes. Even if an online competition is offering a prize, you do not really want, you should still enter. If you do not drive but there is a new car on the line, you can always sell the car when it arrives and pocket the cash.

Sell Unwanted Items

Everyone has some items at home they no longer want or need. Selling them online is a fantastic way to make cash at home. Taking the photos and adding them to a second-hand website does not take up much time and is a lot of fun, especially if you are selling clothes. If you are happy to feature in the listing, you could even model the clothes which makes the experience even more enjoyable. There are many websites where you can list items for sale, some of which do not even charge a fee, so you keep all the money generated from the sale.

Sweepstake Casinos


Many people see the word ‘casino’ and think gambling but that is not the case with sweepstake casinos. When playing at sweepstake casinos, you do not have to deposit any of your own money, you can use the free virtual currency available on the website. This currency can be used to play games at the sweepstake casino and at some casinos, the winnings from the games can be converted into prizes. You can find out more about this at, where there is plenty of information on how to play and a choice of the top sweepstake casinos. In terms of having the most fun when making money at home, sweepstake casinos must be up there with the best options.

Answering Surveys

Answering surveys is pretty easy to do, and anyone that is tech-savvy can do it. What’s more, you basically get to share your opinion on different topics that range from politics, and current news, to certain brands and products. Fun right?

That said, there are some platforms that like Swagbucks that allow you to not just answer surveys but also complete simple tasks, play games, and download apps. Other sites are solely dedicated to answering surveys and offer payouts right after you complete the survey, like Survey Time.

Some platforms are only available in certain countries and offer surveys in the native language of the participant. In our opinion the following sites are worthy of your time – Toluna Influencers, OpinionPioneer, Univox Community, PrizeRebel. Keep in mind that this isn’t a way to make a living, but if you need extra cash, it is certainly a good option that allows you to earn some money in your free time.

Selling Custom Products on Etsy


Etsy has become a go-to place when you want something that’s unique, handmade, or vintage, and it’s actually a great platform to start selling customized products because a lot of users want to find something that is personal to their taste and is one-of-a-kind.

You can sell custom products that range from personalized buttons, shelves, and water bottles, to earrings, bags, and badges. So, whatever your preferences might be, there are many opportunities to sell your custom products and start a side hustle.

Work as A Freelancer

If you want to work as a freelancer, there is a real chance to develop a full-time job by offering your services online. But you should be aware of the competition in this sector and don’t just quit your full-time job right away. There are plenty of options to choose from graphic design, copywriting, and social media management to accounting and much more. So, based on your skills and knowledge, you can create an account on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, and

Teaching English


Teaching English online is another sector that has gained traction in recent years, and there are actually a lot of people that manage to work full-time as online tutors. For example, if you’re a native English speaker, there are sites like each all key where you can teach other students English, but if you have relevant credentials like TEFL, you can also work on platforms like Lingoda, Cambly, and Preply.

Start a Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and if you are enthusiastic about a topic, you can use your knowledge to make cash at home. Podcasts require a microphone and a computer, but most computers and laptops now come with a decent quality microphone built in and that is fine to start. Having chosen a topic, you would like to talk about, write your first few episodes and record them so they are ready to be released. There are many websites where you can list your podcast for people to listen and the more downloads you have, the more money you earn. If your podcast becomes popular, companies might contact you to ask if they can advertise on your podcast and that brings in more revenue. Check out a guide to starting a podcast, Libsyn.

YouTube Videos


If you have a skill, you can share it with people by creating a video and adding it to video sharing websites. You could be a skilled mechanic, hairdresser, artist, comedian, or collect toys, games, and trading cards. If there is something you do and you are good at it, people want to see it and learn. Online videos can be monetized and much like the podcast’s idea, businesses could get in touch and ask to advertise on your videos or send you products. Creating videos is an enjoyable way to make cash at home.

You can choose from any of the ideas listed above based on your interests and free time. Some take more time than others, but they are all a lot of fun and can bring in some extra cash without leaving the house.