Georgia Man, 34, Tossed Two Young Kids Over Barbed Fence Wire


The man from Cobb, Georgia, pitched his two young kids to the ancestral fence whilst fleeing from the arrest of their local police.

The authorities records alleged the children continued diminished injuries after the two children were captured in a different side of their fence. The opposing side of this fence was tough, and authorities retrieved the kids sometime afterwards.

The authorities showed up after they detected Leonard forcing his children the stroller down and advised him to stop his moves. The cops then told him to cease for a variety of occasions, however he sprinted with all the stroller, afterwards hitting his children, he took them and hauled towards the 7 ft high metal fencing. After throwing them another side, he maintained maintaining his conduct. The police then detained the defendant once he conducted around a quarter-mile from his first spot.

The dad is soon locked behind the bars of Cobb County Jail, but if the authorities asked about him soon after his arresthe believed them with fictitious names and birthdate. Nowhe has been charged with child torture, blocking of law enforcement, and providing false identification. He’s been held at $22,220 bond on the County Jail.