Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl- Reviews!

Gunjan Saxena

The story of the first Indian Air Force woman pilot who was a part of the 1999 Kargil War is an exceptional catch. So who is Gunjan Saxena? What made her need to fly so high that she conquered deliberate aggression in a seriously male-overwhelmed field?

Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl: Cast

Plot of Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl

The Lucknow-born Gujan Saxena, played by Janhvi Kapoor, is sky-struck since the start. Battling for a seat by the window with her senior kin (Bedi) during a flight, delineates her fantasies are separate from the standard course of “good girls” getting a degree-and-getting hitched. She and her fantasies are upheld by a strong father (Pankaj Tripathi)

Gunjan Saxena doesn’t become tied up with the hyper-patriotism that Indian war films have so proudly-worn on their chest. Rather, chief Sharan Sharma has chosen to show a totally one of a kind, nevertheless also pricky subject: women’s freedom.

Gunjan Saxena
The Real life Gunjan Saxena

Since the start, Gunjan’s father, a military authority, was the one specifically who maintained her DREAM about becoming into a pilot. Despite topping her class in school, she stresses over uncovering to her people that her future falsehoods not in some man’s kitchen, yet in the skies. The second when she breaks the news, her kin almost mistake for her coming out as gay — there is snitch among the relatives, her kin gets the ‘log kya kahenge’ attitude, and Gunjan’s mother even proposes visiting a perfect Pandit for counsel on the strategy to ‘fix’ her.

Gunjan suffers troubles paying little heed to her prominent blessings, be that as it may, she develops her aptitudes smoothly until she is called upon to deliver her forces in the battle. By forming Gunjan as someone whose first love isn’t serving their country, yet flying, Sharma offers another perspective on uber-excited war films.

The Director and screenwriter, Sharan, guarantees that the length of the movie doesn’t turn into stopping to narrating. He additionally abstains from adorning the film with an over-emotional and beautiful exchange. He keeps it as genuine as the characters of the film.

Where can you watch the movie?

Well, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is released on Netflix. It was a part of 17 movies & web series that Netflix had announced previously.

Gunjan Saxena is a film that must be valued and recognized for a story that will rouse us from numerous points of view. It inspired us to dream of a fantasy, battle for it, and battle against all the chances.