How to Make A Training Video for Beginners from Start to Finish


Training videos are extremely popular these days due many reasons. They teach people how to do something in a simple way, and thanks to modern technology and the internet, everyone can record and publish them. However, although simple, this process still requires some planning and skills, which is why we will explain it further, so even beginners can start recording after reading this article.

Think well about the topic

The first and most important thing before one starts making any training video is to take enough time and think well about the topic. The topic dictates the goals and the content that will be shown in the video, and not defining it in time never gives the desired results. Of course, there is always some place for improvisation, but when it comes to the topic, it must be clearly defined because it is the first thing people check when choosing which training video to watch – if they find the topic interesting and useful, they will watch it; if not, they will skip and find the more relevant one.

Do the research


Once the topic is chosen, it is time for proper research, and since the main point of training videos is to teach someone how to do something, it is crucial to find relevant information. This step requires some time, as it is necessary to check every piece of information, and you need to make sure it is correct before adding it to the video. Try to simplify everything because people will be more willing to watch something they actually understand, and it will keep their attention until the very end. Adding a few fun facts is always a good idea, as it will keep the audience interested and eager to learn more.

Target the audience

Although some tutorials can be watched by all age groups, in most cases, it is necessary to think about which age group you want to target and present your video. It makes everything easier, as you will know exactly how to write the script, what to pay the most attention to, and how to explain the most important things. For example, tutorials made for teenagers differ a lot from ones made for the elderly, as it is necessary to use different words to attract their attention and present everything in a much different way.

Decide which type is the best


There are many different types of videos we can use for training, and before you start filming, it is necessary to decide which of them is the best to share your idea with the world. The options are numerous, and one can use animations, create a short video of up to fifteen seconds, record their phone or computer screen, explain how to do something step by step, and much more. Depending on the topic, it will be much easier to choose the right type, and if you find yourself in a situation where you can pick any of them, always choose the one you like the most and feel most comfortable making.

Write the script

Besides the topic that should be defined at the very beginning of the filming process, another important thing to write is the script that the training video will follow until the end. Although it might look unnecessary for short or live videos, the truth is completely different. The script will help you visualize a tutorial and know how it should look when filming, which will reduce possible mistakes to a minimum. Of course, sometimes it will be necessary to improvise, but it is much easier to improvise some small parts than the entire video.

Do not worry about the equipment


Having a great camera and lightning is always great when it comes to filming videos, but there is no need to worry even if you are not a professional and do not own professional equipment. The great thing about modern technology is that every mobile phone has a camera that can record videos well enough to share them with the world. The lighting is also not a problem, and it would be best to use natural light, so try recording during the day, close to the window, but even the desk lamp can be a good option.

Use the right software

Each video needs to be edited, no matter how well it is recorded, and because of that, finding the best program is a must. Most editing programs have similar features, and because of that, it is up to you to choose the one that seems the easiest to use. Of course, it can be pretty time-consuming, and one of the best ways to check whether it meets your requirements or not is to try demo versions. However, if you are in a hurry, find here reliable screen recording software that will surely make creating training videos much easier.

Add call to action


One of the simplest ways to check whether the training video you published is successful is to add a call to action at the very end. It can be anything you want to get feedback on, from asking viewers to click on some link to asking them to add their comments and likes. In that way, you will know what is good and what should be changed, and thanks to the interaction with the audience, people will be more willing to watch the next tutorial when you publish it.


Creating the training video requires planning, but it can also be an interesting process for people who love to do that. However, once it is recorded, it is necessary to think about publishing and choose the best possible platforms because it is the only way to make it be seen. It is never a good idea to focus only on one platform, and if you have an option, always choose more of them. People use different platforms, and the more of them you decide to publish on, the more people will be able to enjoy it.