Can You Still make money with YouTube Vloging in 2024


Becoming a YouTuber in the year 2024 is arguably the hardest it has ever been but for a very special reason. Considering how many people already exist who actively post and whom people watch, it is extremely hard to get your chunk of the general viewership and make a name for yourself on this ever-growing platform. Back in the day when there was only a handful of famous stars on this social media platform, the scene was still very young and there was a lot of stuff lacking. Nowadays, that is not the case. YouTubing is a legitimate job nowadays and more and more talented people opt to make it their career. Even those who started off as amateur video creators realized how big it can be when they got a certain audience and now they do it full time.

So the question remains, can you actually make money with YouTube in 2024, and more precisely, can you do it with vloging? This question is a very delicate and complicated one and therefore it can hardly be answered with a simple answer. In order to do that we must examine everything that goes with being a YouTuber right now and examine what kind of vloging is viable. Moreover, we will help you start off on the right foot. If you wish to learn more about this and get expanded knowledge about the topic in question, make sure to check out

What is Vloging?


To be able to do YouTube vloging and expect money in return, you have to know exactly what it is and what it implies. The word vloging came to be by joining words video and blogging. That is all you basically need to know about what it means. Blogging is writing a blog about a certain topic or a number of topics and sharing your content with the world in written form. When video materials started becoming much more sought-after and popular among the audiences, creators realized this and quickly changed thing sup. They began to vlog, or record videos of themselves doing something or going somewhere and reporting or reviewing it.

This quickly gained traction because it was fun to watch people go to special places, do exciting things, and try new experiences. Many of us cannot do them, at least not yet, so the next best thing is watching somebody you enjoy talking about it and telling you of the good and bad sides of it all. Then, when the time comes when you have enough free time and money on your hands to do it yourself, you can if you want to. There are numerous topics that vloggers devote their YouTube channels to, most popular of which include traveling, daily life, how to do certain things, exercising, technology reviews, gaming, cooking, and so on.

Can You Make Money from It?


The short answer but a true one would be yes, of course you can do it. YouTube is made for anyone with a vision, imagination, and creativity but a lot of hard work and perseverance is also necessary if you mean to succeed and rise above the competition. And there is a lot of competition. Like seriously, a lot. YouTube has taken over as the most wanted job children want to have, while numerous adults who have realized their talents and crafts are special and unique also took to the platform and now have hundreds of thousands of fans, if not millions.

So yeah, you can still make money with YouTube vloging but there are some strict rules you need to follow and some very smart business moves you have to make. It all comes down to how serious you actually are about it all. If it is a hobby you already have, it means you have most of the things already. If this is something you thought off recently, there is much to do and learn. Lucky for you, we will tell you exactly what you need in the following paragraph.

How to Begin


First things first, you need to open a YouTube channel and set everything up. This is the easy part as it does not take long especially if you already have a Google account. You will need a profile picture and a banner that will attract people to your page, and a short description alongside the links to your other pages. The most important thing however is the type of videos you want to make. This has to be decided in advance and try to specialize in one form of blogging before you move on to the next one. Most people only do one thing and we advise you do the same.

Next up we have the rules regarding the partnership program. In order to make money from YT, you have to follow all of their monetization policies. If you do not like in an eligible country or region, you cannot really make money from YouTube, but most of the world is covered. Next comes the hardest part for beginners. You have to achieve more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last year, meaning people have to look at your videos for at least 4,000 hours in 12 months. This is quite hard for absolute first timers. On top of that, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel, another difficult feat unless you already have a larger following on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, where you can advertise your new channel. Lastly, you must create and link an AdSense account, Google’s service for serving texts, images, videos, and interactive media ads that target specific content to the audience.

Last but not least, you need the right equipment and tools to be able to make videos. The tools of the trade in this line of work consist of a semi-professional DSLR camera and a flagship smartphone. You will need both for quality video making, the DSLR camera for the bulk of your videos and the smartphone as a backup device that will pair up and connect you with everything and act as a backup camera to record with as well. Special camera lenses, tripods, bags, memory cards, and bags will come a bit later when you acquire an initial following and get your first check. Once you make the video(s), you also have to edit them with the proper video-editing software, so an investment in Adobe Premiere, Apple iMovie, Lightworks, or similar programs is needed. The rest is up to you, hard work, strong will power, and a mindset of never giving up until you make it. It is definitely hard, but if others can do it, so can you.