CarryMinati smashes several YouTube records with his latest video- YouTube Vs TikTok: The End.

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Needless to say, the recent YouTube video posted by CarryMinati is all over the internet. People just can’t hold themselves back from creating hilarious memes and sharing his video. Here’s all you need to know about the YouTuber and the records he has broken.

CarryMinati, in his recent video, took a jab at Tiktokers. Most importantly, he talked about Amir Siddiqui. He made some hilarious remarks about him, other TikTokers, and the whole hype about them.

How did YouTube vs. Tiktok battle begin?

As many of the YouTube trends go, some YouTubers made videos reacting to or posing their opinion about TikTok videos. This gave rise to a battle between YouTubers and TikTokers. CarryMinati posted an ultimate roast video to end this battle. But, it seems like now the real battle has begun.

Tiktok is a Chinese-video sharing social platform that has gained tremendous popularity in India. While some of the content is good, many Tiktokers have also been posting cringe-worthy content. However, everyone has a different take about the platform and its usage. But, some of the best YouTubers are surely not in favor of poor quality content.

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About CarryMinati

CarryMinati or Ajey Nagar is a 20-years old Indian YouTuber from Faridabad. Carry is known for his hilariously funny videos, along with his reactions to trending topics and people. He is also famous for the live gaming videos that he posts.

Moreover, he is one of the youngest YouTubers to gain 14 million subscribers. With his recent video, he became the first YouTuber from India to get more than 7 million likes on a video in 36 hours.

Here’s what CarryMinati said in his latest Instagram post about the response received by his video.


YouTube Vs. TikTok: The End by CarryMinati

CarryMinati expressed his extreme dislike for cringe-worthy Tiktok content and people who claim to be “influencers” by gaining popularity through such content. This won’t sound as subtle in the video as it sounds here, though! 🙂

The video started breaking records as soon as it was posted on YouTube. In the first 24 hours, Carryminati surpassed the number of likes on K-Pop band BTS videos.

Furthermore, the video broke the record of the music video “Filhall,” which was the most liked video in India so far. Sung by B Praak, “Filhall” features Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon. In just 2 days, Carry’s video surpassed the number of likes gained by Filhall over a period of 6 months.