Indian government bans TikTok: 58 other Chinese apps including UC Browser and Shareit have been banned too.

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The government of India has taken this huge step of banning 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok on Monday (29 June 2024). This step was taken due to a lot of different reasons. Many factors compelled the government of India to ban well-known Chinese apps. This article will tell you all about the issues which led to this ban being imposed on the apps. Also, we will tell you which apps will be affected due to this decision. So, keep reading to know all about it.

Why were TikTok and other Chinese apps banned in India?

This decision has been taken by the government after a lot of analysis, complaints, and due to several reasons. Firstly, as per reports, these apps proved to be prejudicial to the integrity of India. In addition, the defense, security, and public order of the state were also being disturbed.

Secondly, Chinese apps like UC Bowser and Tiktok along with mobile phone companies like Xiaomi have often been accused of stealing the data of their users. This data was reportedly being collected and sent “Outside”. This stood as a big privacy concern for personal data of millions of users across these apps.

Thirdly, another significant reason is the current tension at the Indo-China border. This decision of banning these apps comes after the standoff between the two nations at LAC. 20 Indian soldiers were killed and many of them were heavily injured in Galwan Valley, Ladakh.

Which Chinese apps have been banned in India?

Other than TikTok, many widely used and popular apps have been banned. The list includes well-known apps like UC Browser, Shareit, Shein, Club Factory, Beauty Plus, etc.

For a detailed list of all the apps banned by India, you can have a look at the below post. This list of all the banned apps has been posted by ANI on Twitter. Have a look:

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