TikTok vs Youtube: Amir Siddqui’s call recording leaked. Here’s what we know about it.


The battle started from the video of Elvish Yadav, and since then, people have started a war. Amir Siddiqui posted a video addressing content, brand worth, and innovation of YouTubers.

This offered ascend to numerous contentions and conversations via social media. Amir scrutinized the nature of YouTubers’ substance and their solidarity as well. As an answer, Ajey Nagar posted a video that got erased.

Convey’s fans, different YouTubers, and Carry himself are exceptionally vexed about it. They’ve likewise made a hashtag called #justiceforcarry as an intrigue to bring his video back.

Also, Celebrities like Ashish Chanchlani, “beyounick,” Himansh Kohli, and Harsh Beniwal have stretched out their help to Carry at this stage.


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The Call Recording of Amir Siddiqui

A new update is now in town. A call recording of Amir Siddiqui has been leaked. The leaked call recording is, although not authorized, but it makes the battle pretty intense. Use of abusive language against Ajey Nagar, and that proves that the deletion of the video may be linked to him.

It’s quite triggering as he has announced that there will be a diss track against all the “YouTubers.” With the severe use of abusive language and targeting the community, it seems like Amir Siddique might be in trouble now.

Many including Hindustani Bhau, Elvish Yadav, and Thugesh have reacted to this leaked recording. If You haven’t watched it, we have linked it below.


We do not have a say on which side to pick or to be. We hope that the war ends soon as both the platforms are entirely different. You can make a wise decision after watching different videos available.

Let us know who do you think is right or wrong. Until then, stay safe, and we will keep you updated.