Hulu’s A Teacher Trailer Out: Forbidden Romance Story With Huge Consequences!


In the times of political correctness, a show series like “A Teacher” is very courageous. There’s no way of telling if it’s good or bad, but it’s undoubtedly brave. While the world of entertainment tries to appease all by being soft and not too touchy, this is unique. The fact that a creator is willing to make content that’s this rare needs to be praised.

However, that won’t turn detractors around from the central theme. In the era of #MeToo, it’s very problematic to show a plot revolving around a workplace romance between a teacher and her student. There is no shying away from the very uncomfortable and taboo topic.

The streaming service that took the decision to pick up the controversial show is Hulu.

A Teacher Media
The show picked up by Hulu will be very uncomfortable to watch, but it’s essential to put forward such stories.

Controversies revolving around this miniseries:-

The plot follows the life of a female high school teacher caught in a romantic relationship with her male student. It reveals the complexities and consequences of these diallowed and taboo relationships. Obviously, it is important to make sure that the series handles the topic very carefully.

The acknowledgement of this issue being uncomfortable by the series itself is an important and necessary part. Also, there’s no potential to get the audience rooting for this supposed couple. It’s never going to work if the creators try to legitimize this clearly not-okay connection.

Also, Hulu has already taken the decision to flash some disclamers addressing this topic. There will also be special card flashing information about grooming and workplace harassment. Hannah Fidell will be taking this very seriously especially for a potential younger viewership.

Scheduled release and Cast of “A Teacher”:-

FX Networks informed the onlooking audience that “A Teacher,” developed by Hannah Fidell, will premiere its initial three episodes on FX on Hulu on the 10th of November. The remainder of the ten-episode season will be coming out weekly on Tuesdays.

Although the creators will take major brunt of the controversy, we need to applaud the cast of associating with this project. Kate Mara is portraying the main lead i.e. the teacher, named Claire. Meawhile, Nick Robinson will take on the complex role of Eric who ends up in this strange relationship with his English teacher.

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