Hunters Amazon Prime: Here what we know about Hunters’ potential return.


The first season of the Hunters, was launched on February 21, 2024, on the online streaming platform of Amazon, Amazon Prime. The question of whether there will be season 2 of the Hunters is heating up at this moment.

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Honestly, we don’t know whether there will be season 2 or not. All we know is that the show’s producers have some plans for a subsequent season in the offing.

Spoiler Alert!, you are advised prior to the beginning of the article that this article contains spoilers. Read further only, if you do not hate spoilers.

What happened in Hunters Season 1?

All of the fans of Hunters who watched all ten episodes must be knowing that there’s plenty of fallout from the finale. It looks like eight more key Nazi personnel will be hunted down and killed by the titular hunters. They will move to Europe.

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As we learn in the show, that the master planner and the brains behind the plans to create a Fourth Reich in America is still alive. Yes, Adolf Hitler is still alive and is currently in Argentina. Another bad news is that the Nazi hitman Travis is recruiting an army in jail.

Confirmation of Season 2?

The online streaming platform, Amazon Prime has not renewed Hunters for a second season yet. The timeframe of Amazon Prime for restoring shows is difficult to predict. They confirmed the season 2 of The Boys even before the release of Season 1. Also, the fourth season of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel was released six days after the third season was aired.

The creator of the show, David Weil, told BI that there are plans for five years of the show. The creator has ideas worth of five seasons and a vision of where the series is going and where it is going to end.

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