Greyhound movie: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and more.

Greyhound movie 2024 (IMAGE: Pinterest)

The upcoming American war drama Greyhound has been facing a lot of issues in its release lately. We have got all the information about the movie for you.

About the movie

Greyhound is based on a novel called The Good Shepherd, which is written by C.S. Forester and was published in 1995. The movie has been produced by Gary Goetzman and directed by Aaron Smith. Tom Hanks is the main lead of the film and has also written the screenplay.

The film tells the story of Ernest Krause, a US navy officer. It is his first war mission as a commander in chief for a multinational escort group. He has to defend allied merchant ships from submarines. So, his main aim is to get those ships to their destination by defending them from Nazi U-boat wolfpacks.


Greyhound movie cast

The movie stars the following actors-

  • Tom Hanks as Commander in chief, Ernest Krause
  • Elisabeth Shue as Eva Krause
  • Tom Britney as Lieutenant Watson
  • Manuel Gracia Rulfo
  • David Druid as Wallace

Besides, Maximillion Osinki as Eagle, Grayson Russell as Signal Man, Michael Benz as Lieutenant Carling, etc. are also some critical members of the cast.

Greyhound Release Date and Trailer

In the beginning, the movie was supposed to release on 22 March 2024. Then, the date was shifted to 8th May 2024 due to unknown reasons. The release date was pushed forward to 12th June 2024 as an effect of COVID-19.

But, due to the unpredictability of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the release date has been postponed indefinitely.

The trailer of the movie Greyhound was released on 5th March 2024. Have a look!

Greyhound movie plot

The story of the movie is set at the time of the Atlantic battle in 1942. This is the time when the US got involved in World War 2. Officer Krause’s mission is to fight the German navy and get all the 37 allied ships to their destinations safely. However, Krause never knew that the battle would prove to be one of the most complex and lengthy battles in history.

Not just this, Krause has a lot of personal battles to fight throughout the movie. He has to combat his inner evils in order to get success in his goals and responsibilities. He goes through many moments of self-doubts, and he has to fight it all vigorously. The movie also traces his journey of self-realization and discovery. Conclusively, in order to be a good leader of the defenders, he keeps trying to fight all that comes across him.

Quite an interesting story, isn’t it? Let’s hope the movie comes out soon!