Ways To Improve Your Shooting Skills In Destiny 2 – 2024 Guide

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There are different ways to improve your aim or shooting skills when you play Destiny 2, and that may depend on many factors. Destiny 2 is also known as New Light, and it’s available for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. It was pay-to-play, but now it’s a free multiplayer strategy game. It’s now released for PS5 too. It requires a high level of accuracy when the player needs to shot, and many gamers have problems with that at the beginning. That’s why aim improvement is one of the most popular topics when it comes to Destiny 2.

Some gamers decide to use boosters for some specific and complicated quests, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it helps them be better and more accurate at what they are doing. One of the best things about this game is that it’s pretty quality done, and you can easily focus on every detail. The graphic is crisp and realistic, which is a huge plus for the players because every pixel is important when you are trying to take the perfect shot and fight against the enemies.

If you expect direct instructions on how to be more precise, you will be disappointed, because the only way to do that is constant practicing, being consistent with your gaming style, and keeping yourself focused on what’s happening in the fight, without letting the other things distract you.

So, here are our tips:

1. You have to be consistent

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You have to be consistent with the physical settings you set on your PC or console. So, find those settings that help you be more accurate and precise, and stick to them, so your arms and brain can take their time to adapt to the style. If you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse or the other gear, you may not get better results, but that can only mess with your memory and reactions, and you will need time to adapt to the new settings. So, the experienced gamers will anyway suggest you find the settings you prefer and be consistent using them, so your brain and hands can know how to react when you have to shot. Be patient, and give your brain and body enough time to adapt to the initial settings and adjust to the sensitivity reactions.

Bonus tip: Don’t copy someone else’s sensitivity settings, because we are all different and our reactions can vary. If something is good for them, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you too.

2. The importance of the movements

When you are in a fight, and you need to fire the shots, then you must be unpredictable for the opponents, but still shot precisely. If you are moving too fast or too much, you will miss the shot, especially if you aren’t that skilled or experienced. One of the best pieces of advice, in this case, is to avoid jumping, sliding and skating, because the game is so realistic, and there are rarely glitches that can give you time to react. That means, you need to stay on the ground as much as you can, so you can maintain a proper accuracy – if the environment allows you that. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump or skate if needed, especially if you want to mess with other people’s shooting skills, but using the environmental settings to cover yourself as you stay on the ground is a much better strategy.

3. Adapt to the weapons you are using

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Not every gun can be held the same way, which means you will need to adjust your accuracy every time you use a new one. You must understand how every weapon works, how heavy it is, the way shots are fired, and every other setting and aspect that seem important – because it is. When you change the weapon, you need to adapt to it too, but keeping the consistent settings will shorten the time you need for that. So, even if you are using services like LootServices, which is completely legal and understandable, you anyway have to adapt to the new situation after the quest, and the new weapons you will get after that.

4. Take enough time to warm up

Just like you do before working out. Don’t get immediately into competitions and quests that require a high level of accuracy and advanced skills. That’s why you start with easier quests and go further practicing and improving the skills. Quests may seem attractive, also the active fights, but it doesn’t mean you will be able to maintain proper accuracy, especially if you are a beginner. So, take enough time to warm up, and then start improving your Destiny 2 skills as needed.

5. Be focused on what’s happening around you

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Things are changing every second, and you need to react immediately if you want to be more precise. That requires a lot of focus, so when you are in an important fight, you will have to remove all the distractions around you and stay consistent with your strategy. Don’t lose your spirits if things don’t go as planned. There will always be a chance for improvement in the next quest. Focus is the most important way to be precise, even though you’ve probably seen that coming. It’s too obvious advice, but the most important one, no matter which game do you play.

As you go further, you will progress in any possible aspect, including the character and weapon. You can choose to explore the area in a PvE mode (Player vs Environment) or join the combat PvP mode (Player vs Player) since it’s a multiplayer strategy game. Destiny 2 was released in 2019 and has a 2024 update. There are a few spinoffs and special quests that can improve your skills too.

So, don’t expect immediate results, no matter what skill you are working on. Give yourself enough time to adapt to the changes, and after that, you will be more accurate and successful at what you are doing.