Iron Fist coming out with season 4? details out?

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The show Iron Fist was not getting hyped ever than ever, but when it came to the third season of the series. But tried to match the level of some marvel series. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Lume Cage were facing the same in terms of its revival.
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What is the Renewal status of the show?

For the third season, there is no official statement made by Netflix in terms of retrieving the show. As all the other marvel shows are too facing the delay so likewise, the same delays are expected but no reasons specifically justified.
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What is the Expected Release Date of the Iron Fist Season 4?

In terms of Iron Fist, Netflix always takes 18 months gap pattern and looks like same this time too. The reasons may be many to justify, such as Coronavirus or Pademic hit the globe.

That too coronavirus may be the major reason and playing a huge role in this process. The second expected by all that is until they get a green signal to continue or start further.

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What is the Cast of the Iron Fist Season 4?

Colleen Wing as Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum, Ward Meachum as Tom pelphrey, Iron fist / Danny Rand as Finn Jones. Ward Meachum as Tom pelphrey, Davos as Ramon Rosriguez, Davos as Sacha Dhawan. Harold Meachum as David Wenham, Claire Temple as Rosario, Misty knight as Simone, Typhoid Mary Walker as Alice Eve.

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When can Official Trailer be out?

Netflix has not released any official trailer yet. But fans never lack behind in anything, so they have made their side of the trailer, which is almost equal to the reality.
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What is the Expected Plot coming up next? 

Typhoid Mary’s is the main thing to focus on season 3, and nuisance was created the moment ber appearance was made. In the first plain sight, she has appeared in Daredevil comic.

Collen Wing is suspected to the new Iron Fist in the sequel season so the viewers can have a female to lead the board now.

Something is mentioned in the comic but not during the show. Going to that road the major role of Danny’s twin pistols which belings to Orson, as mentioned in the comic. The elements that are expected in season 3 are Orson to be back, and elements of the infinity war will be shown.

Keeping in mind every element, the fans are super excited and can’t wait for season 3 to be out.