Is the release date of 4th season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ out?


The Hulu is waiting for the new season of the dystopian show – “THE HANDMAID’S TALE” but is it accurate that the new season of this show is coming up next in the line of on air shows? And what all is new and unknown about this new season? Any original cast adding up to the list of the existing crew and cast members?
There are many long lists of questions of each fan, right? But where can all the correct answers be found of all the fan’s most important Questions?

Take a deep breath cause. In this article you will find all the answer to your questions, so let’s begin the adventure of the real world of solutions.

The Handmaid's tale
A still from The Handmaid’s tale

When is the new season of The Handmaid’s tale releasing?

It’s sad news for all the fans waiting to hear the perfect date for their fan moment to start again! But you all have to wait a bit because no particular time has been released as yet by the production and the makers, the new series of the dystopian show will not be released until the autumn 2024, despite that the season 4 was renewed just weeks after the season 3 final premiere in 2019. There is no particular Premier date of the season 4. Still, it seems it is going to be super tight as the shooting of the this new 4th season started on March 2 in Toronto, Canada. Yet, it is also seen that the air of scare of this Corona Virus may also be the leading reason for the delaying the release of the new 4th season.

Is there any members expected to be returned or any principal casting awaited?

So the sense of surprise which we are disclosing for you first is the any member expected to be returning? YES! There is a much longer list of member expected to be returning in the show for their beloved fans.
the list of member which are expected to be returning to the show are
The majority of the leading cast is expected to be seen again in the show,
1. Elisabeth Moss as June 2. Joseph Fiennes as Fred Waterford
3. Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Waterford
4. Samira Wiley as Moira
5. Alexis Bledel as Emily
6. Ann Dowd as Aunt Lydia
7. Max Minghella as Nick Blaine
8. Clea Duvall as Sylvia

Now coming to the part of casting new members in the new season then the honest answer any article can give you right now is mixed for the fans that yet there is no original cast announced by the production and makers of this shows.
The moment any announcement is by the creation or the making, then this platform will try to inform on time will all the surprise they are hiding from the real fans.

handmaid's tale
Another snap from the show

The 3rd season just got finished airing on Hulu so Let’s take a foot back to the 3 season, what did we last finish up on? Let’s brush that up with the sprinkle of suspense for the 4th upcoming season.
The last thing we saw in season 3 was June was swept away by her fellow handmaidens.
And the children managed to escape and make the journey to Canada, Serena was also arrested in the final episode.

So in season 4 is like to be continuing these left out points now in-depth, we are most likely to see the further part of children reaching to Canada with maybe more twist and turn it in.
Moreover, the mixture of arresting and swiping of the people, June being swept will be continued in more deep depth with another side of twist in the arresting case of Serena.
These all excited felt out suspense will be kept in the season 4 with coming back of the members or new cast coming in? For all these twist and turn stay tune this page.