IT Chapter 3 – 2024 Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts


A clown who wakes up after every 27 years to feed on the lives of children finally gets a much-needed ending. Since the second chapter starts with him coming back to life, the question arises if there is a way for him to return in the third chapter.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Derry, a small place, is haunted by a scary dancing clown every time he wakes up from his slumber. He feeds on the fear of the delicate lives of young children. One day, Georgie decides to go out and play with his boat. He never returns home and news of him going missing starts making rounds in Derry.

Bill, his elder brother, finds out that he has been killed by Pennywise, the clown who terrorizes the children of the town. Hence, Bill makes up his mind to take revenge by killing Pennywise and ending the reign of his terror forever.

The second chapter witnesses the return of Pennywise at a time when everyone has grown up. This time, he decides to go after Bill and his friends, instead of children, as they were the only ones to put him back into his slumber.

The Cast


Both the chapters had various actors lined up in the list of its cast but the story mainly revolved around two characters.

Bill Denbrough, played by Jaeden Lieberher in the first chapter and James McAvoy in the second chapter, is the protagonist of the film series. He loses his brother to the child-hunting activity of Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard in both chapters. Pennywise is an antagonist in both chapters. He is infamously known as the dancing clown.

As per the original stories, it is believed that Pennywise is an external creature, or an alien, who came to Earth thousands of years ago.

When Can We Expect The Release?


IT chapter one and two are based on the books written by Stephen King. This directly links the release of the third chapter to the launch of the third book in the series. Since there has been no announcement from the author about him coming up with the third installment, it is difficult to estimate the release of the third chapter.

Fans, however, can expect the third chapter to be released once Stephen King comes up with his book. Currently, there is no sign for the same but we can be hopeful.

Things You Might Want To Know About IT Chapter 3


New Line Cinema, the producer of the series, is yet to make an official announcement about what the plot or the storyline would be. However, one can expect more creatures to land on Earth and continue to terrorize different places.

This might expand the borders of the series and make it an installment on the international level. No matter how the plot of the series is finalized, fans can expect to feel the horror just like they felt in the first and second chapters.

Summing It Up

Both the chapters had their fair share of success. It is now time for the third chapter to be released and we hope that it will be released soon.