Shimoneta Season 2 – 2024 Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts


Shimoneta is an anime television series that amuses its viewers to a great extent. Season one was a hit and the audience is looking forward to season two.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The show takes us into the future. It’s 2030 and things are quite different. The Japanese government at the center is quite conservative. The ones who violate other’s human rights are punished by the government. Crimes are spreading across Japan like wildfire. Immoral activity, abusive language and much more are being spread by crime perpetrators. The Japanese government is on a mission to locate these criminals and pin them down for their nasty deeds.

The citizens also have to bear the burden. The citizens are made to wear a device called ‘Peace Maker’ which records all the words spoken by them. The body language and hand gestures are also recorded in the device. The people of the country have to be very careful as any wrong move would lead them to prison.

Tanukichi Okuma is a new student in Public Morals School. It is one of the best schools in Japan and is known for its quality education. His main motive behind joining the school was to reunite with his crush Anna Nishikinomiya.

Tanukichi becomes a victim of a trap and is forced to join a notorious gang. He is kidnapped and is forced to join SOX. SOX is a terrorist organization. This gang is headed by Blue Snow. She is a criminal and is under the police radar. Tanukichi is unable to escape the situation. He has to spread explicit material which has been banned to protest against the rigid rules.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The first season saw three characters playing the lead role in Shimoneta. These three will also be seen as lead characters in season 2.Tanukichi Okuma is the protagonist of the show. Yusuke Kobayashi gives voice to Tanukichi. His father was a terrorist. He was arrested by the Japanese organization for defying moral laws. Tanukichi graduated with a very low morale score. He is stuck between Anna and Ayame.

Anna Nishikinomiy is the president of the student council. Miyu Matsuki gives voice to this character. Tanuschiki has a crush on her. She is bound to protect the moral rights of the people. She has assigned Tanuschiki to capture Blue Snow and to stop her from committing immoral crimes. She develops a soft corner towards Tanukichi and slowly starts liking him. She has supernatural powers and can work with a lot of strength and speed.

Ayame Kajou exhibits dual personalities throughout the show. Ayame is voiced by Shizuka Ishigami In school, she is the vice president of the student council. In the underworld, she is Blue Snow who has committed innumerable crimes. Blue snow is the leader of SOX. She has been able to catch hold of a code that allows her to deactivate the ‘Peacemaker’ for a few minutes. She slowly starts involving the students of her school in immoral activities.

When Can We Expect The Release


The first season was broadcasted in the year 2015. The makers of the show have not disclosed the date of season two. The makers of the show might introduce new characters in the second season.

Final Words

Shimoneta is an icebreaker in the world of anime shows. The show teaches the difference between immoral and moral values to the young generation.