Kim Kardashian And Kanye West: What Made Kim Burst Into Tears?

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Traveling to Wyoming Kim Kardashian to reunite with her husband Kanye West. Following a difficult West’s controversial comments on Twitter account and his first presidential campaign event. With rapper Kanye West, Kardashian was spotted in tears while their conversation, who publicly on Saturday apologized for his tweets.
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When did this all?

During his first campaign rally, West revealed that he and Kardashian discussed having an abortion. Moreover, he tweeted about divorcing Kardashian too.
The Daily Mail, Kardashian flew to Wyoming on Monday. The photo the outlet published was showing the couple sitting in the front seats of their car and it is evident that Kardashian is in tears while speaking with West.
Apart from this on July 19th, it is actually the first time these two were seen together in public since West’s campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. Leaving Wendy’s restaurant the new photos were taken of the couple.
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What all he said in his speech?

While giving the South Carolina Campaign event West gave a unscripted speech in which said something that was very shockingly scary for the fans. He gave a statement that Kardashian talk led about getting an abortion when Kardashian became pregnant.
Whereas he also said in the speech that he can’t get in problems witbhis wife’s family. Even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech she brought North into the world, even when I didn’t want to. She stood up and protect the child, West said.
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What did Kardashian say? 

West tweeted many new and more shocking messages since the last Week on Twitter. But some of them have been deleted, he also compared his life witha horror movie Get out. He even accused Kardashian and Keis Jenner, her mother trying to lock him up.
The story doesn’t end here he even accused him to have a affair with Rapper Meek Mill in 2018 with that he said he is trying to get a divorce. On ther other side, Following these tweets Kardashian shared a statement talking about the mental illness and West’s struggle with bipolar Disorder, alsoe reqvested the media to show empathy and compassion.

How did West ask for an apology?

Post an apology on Saturday to Kardashian, saying the message that he went out in public with some matter which was private. He also agreed with the fact he didn’t support as he supported him. Saying to Kim he also said, “I want to say I know I have hurt you. Forgive me, please. Thank you for always being there for me.” in the tweet he posted this message.
Some sources later told people that West has been much more relaxed and chilled out now for the past few days. Also having the regret of sharing the personal details on twitter and also acknowledging the fact that he has upset Kim.feeling bad about the tbing but he obviously still loves Kim, the magazine source said.