Knightfall Season 3: Will it release or is it cancelled?

Knightfall Season 3 (IMAGE: IMDb)

Knightfall is a popular medieval period drama which telecasted on History TV for the first time. The show received a great response in the first season. Fans are wondering if Knightfall season 3 will be released. Here’s all the info we have about the show.

Created by Don Hanfield and Richard Rayner, this series takes viewers through the rise and fall of Templars. When the show started airing, expectations were that it will prove to be one of the best by History TV. It was made on a huge budget and presented a great story.

Performance of Knightfall Season 2

In contrast to what was expected, season 2 turned out to be a great disappointment for the fans. Though hardcore history lovers still liked it, it didn’t get good ratings. Besides that, the fate of the series changed negatively because of the slow progress of the story and inaccuracies in historical elements.

Consequently, not all fans are eager about the release of the third season of Knightfall. The story didn’t develop quite well but the end of season 2 left us with some suspense for the future.

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Knightfall Season 3 release date

No official announcement has been made about the cancellation or the continuation of the show. But, if season 3 of Knightfall releases, it will most likely appear in June 2024. The first season came out in December in the year 2017. The second season followed in March 2019. If we follow this pattern, we can expect season 3 to be out around the middle of 2024.

What will be the plot of part 3?

Several speculations about the storyline have already begun to surface. We can follow many different perspectives to assume the plot. In the next season, we can expect the searching of Pope Clement, and the betrayed Templers may seek revenge from him.

Reportedly, Tom Cullen, who is the main lead star of the show had given out some hints about the story. He stated that there are many possible storylines. But, for him, the major one is about Pope Clement, who has grown up now.

So, this information is good to watch out for if you are trying to know the plot of Knightfall season 3.

Knightfall season 3 trailer and cast

Since there is no official announcement about the next installment of the series, no official trailer has been released for season 3 so far.

As far as the cast is concerned, we can expect the following stars to reappear for the next season-

  • Tom Cullen as Landy,
  • Julian Ovenden as William de Nogaret,
  • Mark Hamil as Talus.

Apart from the above-mentioned people, we can also expect Sara, Jim Carter, and Ed Stoppard in their respective roles.

That was your dose of information about Knightfall season 3. Let’s wait till an official announcement comes out.