Lord Marksman and Vanadis Season 2 – 2024 Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts

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A well-known novel meant for the minors authored by Tsukasa Kawaguchi is now an animated series. Those who have watched the 1st season very well know it is an action series. The previous season has gained quite popularity and the followers are eagerly waiting for more than six years now, to know what’s next.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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In the first season, there were two strong nations of Europe – Zhcted, and Brune who came to war against each other. There are 7 strong and brave leaders from each of the 7 provinces of Zhcted, known as the Vanadis. Elen, a beautiful female Vanadis who is in ownership of a dragon-carved armament, collaborates with the other 6 Vanadis and calls for a war against Brune.

In a conflict, Elen receives victory over the commander of Brune, Tigrevurmud Vorn. Yet, Elen spared his life as she was impressed by the skills that Tigre possessed. On the other end, Tigre vows to be faithful to her. They both had a bizarre union, yet eventually, they became close friends. Towards the closure, they confessed their love towards each other.

The Cast

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The beautiful lady of the show, Eleonora Viltaria (Elen) has been voiced very well by Caitlin Glass for all the 13 episodes of the first season. While Joel McDonald has done an equally amazing job of voicing for the lead male protagonist Tigrevurmud Vorn (Tigre).

Other supporting characters like Kureys, Roland, Olivier, Pierre Badouin, Regin, Gerard Augre, Black Bow, Sofiya, Mashas Rodant, Ludmila, Drekavac, King Faron, Felix, Zion, Hugh Augre, and Titta had been voiced amazingly by a team of voiceover artists, compromising of Kyle Hebert, Vic Mignogna, Bryce Papenbrook, Kaji Tang, Natalie Hoover, Ian Sinclaire, Felicia Angelle, Morgan Laure, John Swasey, Jad Saxton, Chuck Huber, Jason Douglas, R.Bruce Elliot, Clifford Chapin, Charles C. Campbell, and Tia Lynn Ballard respectively.

When Can We Expect The Release

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Despite its popularity, its average ratings indicate that most likely it will no longer be extended with another sequence. However, if the production team is thinking of making a sequel, they shall surely be announced soon. As of now, there are no such official announcements regarding any upcoming season.

Things You May Want To Know About Lord Marksman and Vanadis Season 2
The portrayal of victory by a brave and beautiful female warrior over a powerful male warrior is what stole the show. Also, the amazing relationship displayed by the Elena-Tigre duo kept the interest flaming till the end and now the fans are willing to watch more.

With the last episode broadcast on December 27th, 2014 the interest of the viewers is lingering on the hope to see more of the episodes. If there is more to come or not, remains a mystery at the moment.

Summing It Up

Even after having a challenging storyline and wonderful casts winning many hearts, this show couldn’t fetch a high rating for a renewal. It has already been more than 6 years that the fans are waiting to see more of the Elen-Tigre duo.