3 Tips for Making Wine From Fresh Corn – 2024 Guide

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While the most common type of wine is made of grapes, you should know that there are many alternatives available as well. When we look at the history of this drink, the first wines were mostly made of honey and a combination of different fruits. Technically speaking, you can make wine from each fruit that can be fermented.

This is especially beneficial to areas around the world where growing grapes is more challenging, while some domestic fruits and vegetables can be a decent alternative. With the wide use of corn and corn syrup in the United States, it is not a surprise that they have a recipe for making a wine of it as well. The common name of that recipe is Country wine, where you can use all sorts of fruits instead of grapes.

You can visit prepperswill.com to read more about this type of wine. There is an excellent and fast solution where you can use fresh corn to make this beverage. One of the main advantages is that you can enjoy this drink after only 10 ten days from preparation, which is much shorter when compared to other types. The recipe is quite simple as well, and we are going to introduce you to some important tips to make it properly.

1. Get The Right Ingredients

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The first and most important step is to get the right ingredients and learn about the correct amount that you should include. You will need 1 gallon of water, 2 pounds of sugar, half a cup of orange juice, 1 pack of sweet wine yeast, and be sure to get the wine yeast, not some alternative, which is a common mistake. Also, you will need raisings, black tea, and 14 pieces of fresh corn.

2. Use the Proper Equipment

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One of the most important things is to never use a metal container. Use ceramic or glass instead. The container should be at least 2 gallons in size. Moreover, you will need a narrow container as well. Avoid using metal as a spoon, the best option is wood. Besides that, other essentials are pipe, colander, and siphoning tube.

These additional devices are used for the proper combination of liquids during the process. Furthermore, it might be confusing and difficult at the beginning, especially if you are doing this for the first time. For example, you will have to provide proper pressure and ambient and secure the liquid from the air, which can result in infection of the yeast. Maybe the best solution is to look for some online tutorials where you can see how experts are making this recipe.

3. Follow the Instructions

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The main part of the process is to strictly follow every instruction since even a tiny mistake can lead to failure. Preparing wine is a delicate process, and it requires accuracy as the most important factor. When you are using that you have all of the necessary equipment and ingredients, the first thing that you will need to do is to cook the fresh corn in the water for 15 minutes. When this part of the process is done, keep the water.

You will use this water as a base, and add honey and sugar to it and mix them. Moreover, you will have to add few pieces of corn to this liquid, cover it with fabric, and keep it in a dark place for one day. The next step is related to the preparation of the yeast. Mix the package of five grams with water and juice. After one whole day, you can get the corn and connect the containers with corn water and yeast. In this part, add remaining ingredients like tea and raisings.

When you combine all the ingredients, you can attach an airlock to start the fermentation. You should monitor the process and add additional corn water and sugar to control the fermentation. Furthermore, you will notice the deposits on the top of the liquid, which have to be removed few times a month. The process of fermentation is over when the liquid is not reacting to additional sugar anymore.

To be sure that the beverage will be tasty enough, add more honey and sugar. While this process can be over in less than two weeks, the best way is to wait at least a couple of months to secure a proper quality and taste. Most people will wait at least a whole year.
Also, be sure to monitor the liquid during that time. Pay special attention to bubbles and see if the fermentation is going on in the right way. If you don’t have any experience, constant someone with more knowledge or look at some online videos where you can see the appearance of this wine like it should be.


This is especially good for people who want to experiment more with various beverages. The best thing about wine is that you can combine ingredients and create a unique taste. Still. it is essential to follow strict instructions and get the right equipment. For example, letting the air inside the container will cause the reaction where yeast will get an infection from bacteria in the air. Also, even a small portion of air can alter the taste. Besides that, you should know that this process requires a lot of experience. Therefore, you should not be disappointed if the taste is not what you desired. If it is good enough to drink it after you were making it for the first time, you can consider that as success. By trying to make it over and over again, you will learn how to cope with equipment, materials, and instructions, and you will be even capable of adding alternative ingredients that can create a unique taste of your wine. In that matter, be patient and don’t get stressed-out if the things are not going the right way when you are doing this for the first time.