Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Set to give tough competition to Macbook Air?

Microsoft Surface Laptop (IMAGE: Pinterest)

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is soon going to be out and about. There are truckloads of rumors and expectations that have started appearing already. Let’s see what exciting features and changes we’ll possibly get to see.

Launch Date

Microsoft has specified no launch date as of now. Hopefully, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 will hit the market this year itself. Having said that, the current pandemic has made everything uncertain. So, be prepared for the possible delay in the launch.


Choice of Chip in Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft laptops do come with Intel chips. Besides, speculations say that Surface Notebook 4 will offer the latest AMD Ryzen processors. This surely indicates that Microsoft is trying to make the most out of the latest technology. It seems like they are precise about the performance and excellent design of their devices. So, we might get to choose between AMD and Intel.

Microsoft has made a major overthrow over its CPU maker, Intel. Originally, Microsoft’s surface apparatus simply used Intel chips. The change came about last year when Microsoft went ahead to publish configurations with AMD chips.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
(IMAGE: Pinterest)


As per rumors, the Laptop 4 will come with AMD Ryzen 4000 CPU. The 13-inch variant of Surface Notebook 3 offered an Intel Core i7 or i5 chip and an AMD Rysen 7 or Rysen 5 processor for the 15-inch one.

Specs and features of Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

The 15-inch version of the Surface Laptop 3 contained the AMZ Rysen 5 3580U chip. Many users were disappointed by its performance. Microsoft will hopefully consider this issue as the 10th-gen Intel Core i5 processor of MacBook Air managed to win hearts by its performance.

There are high expectations from Surface Laptop 4 to give a tough competition to Apple this time.


The expected price

No updates about the price range have surfaced yet, but we can get a rough idea by comparing the introductory prices of the previous models.

As per the information we’ve got, the Surface Laptop 2 was launched with an introductory price of $799. On Microsoft’s official website, the Surface Laptop 3 is being offered to start from $999 (for the 13-inch model, i5 processor, 128GB hard disk, and 8GB RAM). The version with AMD Ryzen 5 3580U chip is also starting from $999 at present.

We can’t entirely depend on this information as these are just some rumors and speculations that we came across. Let’s wait for Microsoft to clarify how many of these are true.