5 Most Popular Indian Entertainments

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Entertainment is important in our life as it brings happiness, which is the potent medicine to keep ourselves healthy-mentally and physically. Doing things that make one happy also breaks the monotony of daily lives.

In India, entertainment has taken several forms including watching Bollywood movies, listening to music, betting on cricket, watching television, and playing mobile games.

1. Bollywood films

Indians love watching Bollywood films. Bollywood is located in Mumbai, which is the capital of Maharashtra state. Bollywood is famous all around the world and known for creating a maximum number of films.

Bollywood films are known for their songs, dance, and catchy dialogues. Filmmakers have made films on several issues such as the caste system in India, politics, religion, horror, love, and action films. Indian theaters are jam-packed with the audience usually every weekend and on holidays.

Bollywood films are also liked by film enthusiasts from several parts of the world. Most films have done incredibly well in the UK and US. Of course, Indians also watch international films and most of the theaters in India release international movies. Movies like Avengers, Jungle Book, and Harry Potter series were so much appreciated by Indian viewers.

2. Cricket sports betting

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It has only been a few years that sports betting became sought-after in India. Horse racing betting has been in India for a long time but betting on cricket has recently gained momentum.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Almost every Indian watches cricket with so much awe and excitement. Sports betting makes watching cricket more enjoyable. Of course, it is important to bet online responsibly to have a safe and pleasurable experience.
Many Indians have made sports betting a means of their living and amazingly expert punters are making a lot of money betting on cricket. Even though sports like football and hockey also dominate in India, nothing can compete with the craze of Indians for cricket.

Considering the rage of sports betting in India, numerous online operators have created their platforms to cater exclusively to Indians. There are numerous sports betting websites that include cricket events for betting. With the internet in every Indian home, it has become possible for Indians to bet on their favorite sport without any hassles and fear.

If you are new to sports betting in India, you must choose a secure website such as Parimatch for your betting needs. Make sure that you go through this website as it has made betting in cricket easier for all. You can bet on all primary cricket matches and leagues.

3. Music

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Everyone loves music. It is aptly said that music washes away the stresses of everyday life. The hectic lifestyle of people in India has drained all their energy and for keeping up with the speed of the world, relaxation has become necessary. And, what can be more soothing than refreshing music?

A few decades back, Indian music was said to be offbeat, but now India is called the heart of the music. India has released several chartbusters from the well-known Bollywood industry, Western, Classical, Pop, and Carnatic.

Popular classical music originated from Northern India while Carnatic Music from the South.
Music is not only the source of entertainment, but it is a traditional and cultural expression. You will find music on all occasions and celebrations in India. In ancient times, music was a primary source of entertainment for emperors and kings. They have musicians in their kingdom who sing them beautiful melodies and rhythms.

New India has given a lot of hope to singers and most of the Indians have made music their part of their life. Several competitions are being held regularly to give a platform to budding singers. The Indian music industry is flourishing at a great pace and most of the singers are making it a sole source of income.

4. Mobile games

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Mobile phones which are the best medium to establish communication with our people are also serving as the means of entertainment for many. Indian people including children and grown-ups have found a new source of entertainment in the form of mobile games. Today, having a mobile of your own is not a big deal in India.

Smart mobile phones include many features for entertainment. With the convenience and portability that a mobile offers, most people prefer playing games on their handsets. Many people play mobile games while they are waiting for someone or standing in a queue. It is the best way to spend spare time instead of getting bored.

5. Watching television

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Watching television is the best means of entertainment as it gives us a break from our boring lives and takes our stress away. Television is reaching a large number of spectators in India, including folks in rural areas.

Indians spend most of their time watching television. Interestingly, Indians not only watch TV series but music channels and sports as well.

Television is the most effective form of entertainment as it brings everything to the table- news, cartoons, commercials, films, sports, and documentaries. You have a variety of options and you can choose to watch what you want. If you are stressed, a comedy show will quickly soothe your spirits.

Entertainment fights monotony!

Life tends to become gloomy without any type of entertainment. Our mind needs a bit of relaxation each day for more productivity. Most Indians watch Bollywood films and listen to good music for entertainment.

Sports also dominate in India and cricket is the most popular among Indians of all ages. Most punters have started betting on cricket to make living and to experience the feeling of an adrenaline rush.

Take a needed break from your daily chores and entertain yourself to recharge yourself!