7 Most Popular Venues in Austin for Live Music

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Austin really lives up to its moniker, as live music can be heard emanating from practically every nook and cranny of the city. You might be enjoying a meal at one of the world’s finest restaurants, sipping margaritas at one of the world’s finest bars, or just going on a walk, and you would still be able to see skilled artists on stage. The lovely, tiny venues that showcase outstanding musical notes night in and night out throughout the year are our city’s bread and butter, although many people come in for the super events like ACL, SXSW, or reunion shows at COTA. They are the places where local legends are born, international musicians tour, and traditional Southern evenings are enjoyed. To find out which are the best RV parks, campgrounds, and camping spots in Austin you can also look at https://www.reserveamerica.com/articles/camping/best-austin-rv-parks-campgrounds-and-camping-sites.

Here are some of the greatest places in Austin, Texas, to catch high-quality live music, whether your preference is for pop, rock, country, classical, or electronic dance music (EDM).

1. Stubb’s

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Stubb’s is known as one of the best places to go in this city for many good reasons. The natural, gradual slope leading up to the stage makes it easy to see from almost anywhere in the outdoor amphitheater. When going to see a performance of world-class calibre, the fact that you can always get delicious barbecue food, such as a sliced beef sandwich or a brisket dish, is a major benefit.

The venue can hold up to 1,800 people and is right in the middle of the Red River District, making it easy to party before and after the show.

2. Antone’s

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Clifford Antone opened Antone’s in 1975 and made it the “Home of the Blues,” even though the current location on 5th Street is not the same as the first place on 6th Street. Back in the day, blues artists like Albert King and Muddy Waters would come to Texas to play at Antone’s. Antone’s still has well-known musicians playing in the room that can hold up to 450 people. The Knotty Vines taxi goes well with either the early or late entertainment that happens almost every night.

Although it’s not exactly the same as the original 6th Street site, Antone’s (now on 5th Street) still embodies the “World-Famous Home of the Blues” that Clifford Antone founded in 1975. Back in the day, Antone’s, the Texas home of touring and regional blues performers like Albert King, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and Double Trouble, still showcases famous blues and roots musicians in its 450-seat venue. A Knotty Vines taxi is the perfect way to experience the early and late shows that are offered almost each evening. Stevie Ray Vaughan, the city’s favourite guitarist, frequented Antone’s, one of Austin’s top music venues, which is well-known for its many stories of famous people.

3. Cheer Up Charlies

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This place is right next to the Mohawk in the Red River neighborhood. It calls itself a “vegan and queer institution.” Because it is right next to the Mohawk, it is a great place to see the more hip and bohemian side of Austin’s music scene. The spot mostly hires local artists to perform on the smaller stage inside or the larger stage outside, which is connected to a huge patio. These events take place in small groups. The background of the open-air stage is a natural limestone cliff face, which makes it a great place to project graphics with skill.

4. Mohawk

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This venue, which operates under the motto “All Are Welcome,” is situated in the Red River Cultural District, one of Austin’s live music hotspots. On a rooftop down here, there’s usually music playing, and Mohawk is no different. They have a number of levels, a rooftop deck, both indoor and outdoor stages, and a bar with good pours. Are you looking for a spot where you can wriggle around and flip your hair around? With Mohawk, you’re covered. They also organize punk rock yoga and scary movie evenings if you’re wanting to appreciate everything hardcore. Besides having no live music and clubs, Mohawk is still a haven for all the good vibes you are wondering for.

5. Bass Concert Hall

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The Bass Concert Hall is a building inside the huge Texas Performing Arts complex. It is known for hosting the most important tours that come through Austin. This is for music fans who like things to be dressier and jazzier than the typical casual Texan style. In 2023, Diana Krall, Patti LaBelle, and others would be performing. The festival will be held in Austin, Texas. During the break, walk around the beautiful glass front facade and terrace to take in the breathtaking views of the campus.

6. Scoot Inn

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The Scoot Inn enjoys just as much history as the city of Austin. Sam and Nancy Wilson started their own business in 1871 when the city’s first train arrived. They opened a food store near the railroad tracks. The shop was run by the owner until 1955 when “Scoot” Aubrey Ivy and his wife bought it. They changed the building’s name to the Scoot Inn, and since then it has been a saloon and a place where live music is played. In Ivy’s Room, a standalone bar inside the restaurant, there are often live piano concerts.

7. The Broken Spoke

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At this traditional nightclub in Texas, being carefree and having a good time are actively encouraged. Dancing the two-step to live country music is one of the quintessentially Texan things one can do. Attending one of the dance classes that are held every Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 p.m. is one of the best ways to get in on the action and meet new people, even if you have no prior expertise in dancing. Buying a couple of icy cold Lone Stars is something I would suggest doing if you want to boost the probability that you will accept a dance invitation from a person you have never met before.