SNL: Adele To Appear As The Host? What’s Coming?


SNL: Adele To Appear As The Host? Adele has announced that she’s performing a TV comeback and will host Saturday Night Live next week. The singer, 32, took to Instagram post on Sunday to announce. She said the presenting gig and shared a picture of colorful notes showing H.E.R will be a harmonious guest. After experiencing the exciting news on social media, dozens of music fans took to Twitter to speculate. And that the move could indicate Adele is planning to publish new music. Adele kept her prediction picture simple, opting for a yellow. And blue and pink notes were appointing the date, host, and television set for SNL.


Let Adele has to say:

‘I’ve always wanted to do it as a stand-alone flash so that I could roll up my sleeves. And fully cast myself into it, but the present has never been right. 


‘But if there remained ever a time for any of us to jump headfirst into the deep end. End with our eyes locked and hope for the best. It’s 2023, right?’

The star Adele continued: ‘It’ll be almost 12 ages to the day that I first appeared on the show. It was back during an election. And which went on to break my profession in America. And so it seems full circle, and I couldn’t possibly say no!

‘I am beside personally that H.E.R will be the musical guest!! I love her SO fabulous I can’t wait to merge into a flaming hot mess. And when she works, then confuse me while I laugh my arse off in connecting it all. See thou next week.’

Adele first performed on Saturday Night Live back in 2008. And she delivered songs Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder.

Adele hasn’t issued any new music since the deliverance of her third album, 25, in 2015. And she hasn’t had an effective public presentation since the record’s tour in 2016.

Music fans were quick to inundate Twitter with suggestions that Adele’s SNL appearance. And could mean she’s planning to release new music. 

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