Adele: The secret behind her surprising transformation

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Popular singer Adele has a lot going on in her life lately. She had been on the headlines because of her divorce. Now, her major weight loss is being noticed and wondered about. Here’s what we have got to tell you about the weight loss journey of the Someone Like You’ singer.

Reportedly, Adele has lost 22 kilograms of weight in just a few years and that too, without any risk. It obviously didn’t happen just like that. She made several alterations in her lifestyle to look the way she’s looking presently.

The training part of the journey

Her trainer, Pete Geracimo took care of all the things in her fitness regime including her daily workout sessions. Also, she was on a strict diet known as the Sirtfood diet. In Sirtfood Diet one only eats food that is rich in Sirtuin, a protein.

Furthermore, Adele followed an exercise routine on a daily basis and a fixed sleep schedule by having at least 7-8 hours of sleep. To keep it fun, her trainer included some fun weight loss tricks in her regime.

Lifestyle changes

Weight loss or getting fit requires consistency the most. And that’s what Adele succeeded in achieving. She made it a point to workout daily while her trainer introduced fun exercises to avoid monotony. Moreover, despite her busy schedule, she made sure that she gets a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours.

IMAGE: Pinterest

What alterations did Adele make in her diet to lose weight?

The fact that she chose the Sirtfood diet itself explains that she had made tremendous alterations in her food habits. Sirtfood diet, as explained in a novel of the same name by Aidan Goggins focuses on weight loss through proper dieting. So, one has to consume high protein food like green tea, blueberries, black wheat, etc. This helps in the regulation of metabolism and other important processes inside our bodies.

This dieting technique adopted by Adele includes various food items fixed for different days and time periods. So, the weight loss journey of Adele was full of challenges and phases. Clearly, she accepted the challenge and succeeded too!