Mulan Live-Action Remake: Why Was Li Shang Not Included?

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Netflix is under heavy fire for an extremely disappointing live-action remake of the classic story of Mulan.

Never expect people to like a movie, even if it’s as loved as Mulan. Netflix might be seriously contemplating the fact about how they made people despise the ever-loved tale of Mulan. Somehow the production company made disastrous decisions about every department in the movie.

Virtues of our protagonist got lost in all the virtue signalling by the creators of the remake. When we think of this incredible story, we remember the courage of this woman. However, that’s not how this movie will make you feel. It seems like the makers left out emotion and tried to fill that void with money. Fluff doesn’t work, especially in classics that cause nostalgia.

One such mishap is the elimination of an iconic character from the movie entirely. The character under the axe is Captain Li Shang, who is Mulan’s romantic opposite. 

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The protagonist, Mulan (on the left) and Captain Li Shang (on the right) are the pillars of this movie universe.

Why did Li Shang get the boot?

Mulan producer Jason Reed gave an annoyingly idiotic explanation to the reason why this character is missing. However, he explained that the environment for romance between a soldier and her commanding officer was problematic. The fact that the #MeToo is in such a flow, they decided to not put that romantic angle to avoid any workplace issue surrounding the movie.

However, he also said that the franchise was going to split his influence into two different characters. That’s just the politically correct cover-up to not admit the bad choice creators made.

It’s also very enraging that Li Shang’s character is being perceived as someone who’d misuse his position. As fans explain, it was Mulan who first had a crush on th Captain, not the other way around.

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Mulan live-action remake is the reason why people tell production companies to leave classics alone.

Reactions to the new Mulan live-action remake:-

Netflix’s movie felt like a generic Chinese fantasy martial arts movie with a mediocre plot and shallow character development. You can’t include Mushu because you want it to be more realistic but then go onto add a shapeshifter into the plot. Things like that makes no damn sense. There’s no Disney magic touch like the original Mulan (1998) that grasped lovers. No humor, incredible songs, or the Disney feel to it. If it didn’t have the name “Mulan” as its title then it would have been just another mediocre movie at best, forgettable but not terrible.

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