Ozark Season 3 spoilers: What Actually Happens To Ruth Langmore?

Netflix's Ozark

The Netflix original series Ozark season 3 released recently, after almost a year and a half since season 2 arrived in 2018. Ozark Season 3 is becoming so popular around the globe. Here, you would know what did happen to Ruth Langmore in Ozark third installment.

The show also saw Ruth Langmore (performed by Julia Garner) having a more leading role to play in the series. However, she also faced a lot of crisis, leading people to ask about her future.

Does Ruth die in Ozark season 3?

Chapter seven of Ozark season three was titled In Case of Emergency and saw some immense significances as the fallout from the hit on the KC Mob during the money drop-off went sour.

Julia Garner Ozark

In the previous episode, Ruth was nearly killed during the attack on the KC Mob but was rescued by her boyfriend, Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey), and Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) as they saw her using a drone.

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Three members of the KC Mob were dead in the hit, and Frank Cosgrove Jr (Joseph Sikora) accused Ruth for it, leaving him baying for blood.
Frank Jr and Ruth Langmore never had a good bond, and things took a turn for the more dangerous with the savvy casino associate thrown into peril in the episode.

Ruth and Ben From Ozark

Frank Jr left brilliant with rage when he was pulled in for examination by the FBI over the conflict.

In Case of Emergency saw Frank Jr dominating Ruth to a brutal defeat that nearly left her dead. He sprung Ruth after she was leaving the casino one night, and she was left severely wounded and in hospital.

When Ben questioned who’d attacked her, Ruth lied and said it was not Frank Jr because she knew her boyfriend would kill him.

Ruth Langmore Ozark

Ruth thought to be “untouchable,” but this was ignored by Frank Jr, who wanted to punish her and believed she was liable for his men getting killed.

She managed to survive; however, the Byrdes did nothing out of fear of total war with the KC Mob.

The attack on Ruth was a decisive moment as it saw her switching her loyalties from the Byrdes to Darlene.