Paatal Lok Season 2: Hathi Ram to dig deeper into the underworld in the new season of the Amazon Prime series.

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This crime thriller web series has recently released and is the talk of the moment. After fans are done binge-watching the whole series, they want to know about Paatal Lok Season 2. Here’s all we know about it.

Paatal Lok, which means “underworld” released on Amazon Prime Video on 15th May 2022. The series has been produced by the Clean Slate Films. It is Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma’s banner.

Paatal Lok has received outstanding reviews. Renowned filmmakers, actors, and critics have all the wonderful things to say about the series. The IMDb rating of the show is 8.5/10. Anurag Kashyap, Anupama Chopra, Saibal Chatterjee, and Namrata Joshi have expressed their liking for the show.

Here’s what Anurag Kashyap tweeted.


Kashyap also retweeted several reviews, videos, and articles related to the show. He seems to be a big fan!


The story of Paatal Lok follows inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary, a Delhi cop with an ordinary career. In the beginning, he has nothing to look forward to. But, this approach changes when he comes across a high profile case.

The case keeps getting darker and more complicated as the story progresses. Gradually, it lands the cop into the underworld. Hathi Ram keeps getting entangled into shocking truths and secrets.

The case becomes really crucial for his career. Also, for Hathi Ram, the case helps him in the realization of his responsibilities. He learns about himself and life as a whole through the story of Paatal Lok.

Will there be Paatal Lok Season 2?

Created by Sudip Sharma, the 9-episode long series had a decisive end. But, there is enough room for extension after the first season. Besides, the critical acclaim and strong fan base created by the series calls for renewal.

When asked about season 2, the main lead Jaideep Ahlawat gave rise to some hopes. He said that there is a possibility, and the creator is probably working on it as well.

Jaideep himself is hoping for Paatal Lok Season 2 to happen. Also, he said that he would love to take the story forward.

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So, it looks like season 2 is being planned, but the makers and cast don’t want to disclose much about it as yet! If everything goes well, we can expect Paatal Lok Season 2 to be out in 2022 positively.

Paatal Lok Season 2 expected plot and cast

In season 1, we saw how Hathi Ram keeps getting involved more and more in the underworld. Since the story in the first season got a proper closure, we can expect Hathi Ram to embark on a new mission.

It may take him to greater depths of the underworld and crime. Also, the story of the season 2 might show some more happenings in the lives of the characters we saw already.

The main cast of the first season is expected to be back for Paatal Lok Season 2. Stay tuned to know more updates about new cast members and the story of season 2.