Now Amazon Prime is streaming “Carnival Row”?

Festival has began!
"Chaos is the great hope of those in the shadows.”

Carnival Row’ season 2 will now be available on Amazon Prime Video.
The series came out in 2019, and it has created a huge number of fans ever since that. It will be soon enough the fans will hear the news they are waiting for for a long time, hoping so.

What did Amazon Prime Announced?

As of now, there is no official statement made by the Amazon Prime in reference to Carnival Row Season 2.

Are we together?
Stand together in fight!

Carnival Row Season 2: The Cast Details

The cast includes of Cara Delevingne plays the role of Vignette Stonemoss and Orlando Bloom playing Rycroft Philostrate,

On the other hand, few other cast members are Arty Froushan, David Gyasi, Andrew Gower, Tamiz Merchant, Karla Crome, Simon McBurney, and Jared Harris.

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Carnival Row Season 2: The Premise

‘A Killing on Carnival Row’ by Travis Beacham is the inspiration for the series, the film script.

Season one felt us on the storyline of the Darkasher Killings and Philo’s origin story. As there is an expectation of a war, as following the story of season one, the concentration camps and all. The injustice of Jonah Breakspear and Sophie Longerbane can fight for liberation.

Our braids tell who we are-Carnival Row Season 2
We told each other everything.

As we all know, when one is in love, they fight against the world to conquer it. In the same way, the love line is going on between Agreus Astrayon and Imogen Spurneose; even they fight for their love.

Buried all the memories.-Carnival Row Season 2
Let’s began the Celebration.

What is more to go through?

This is initially a neo-noir story. Therefore, the chances of seeing more criminal activities are on high percentage. Vignette and Philo can team up and solve all of those.

The fans can expect the flow of season 2 have the fin line with the exciting twist and turns.
Which will be solved by the love birds?