Poke-Wars: Pokemon And Star Wars Characters


It’s not hidden from anyone that Pokemon and Star Wars are the two big franchises in the industry of entertainment. Both of them have entertained us a lot without any doubt. Can you decide what’s better? Well, we know it’s hard to tell, but let’s go with the ‘C,’ ‘Poke Wars.’

A common thing in both of the respective Universe is the vastness of characters in them. The no. of characters is so huge that even if we keep aside the main characters from both, then we’ll have 800 more  Pokemon than Star Wars.

Poke Wars

The characters from Star Wars turned into Pokemons are Poke Wars, that is what they say. Well, everything is here for fun; obviously, Pokemon and Star Wars can never combine. These are two galaxies much far from each other, so impossible to connect.

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But, have a look at what the mixed characters might look like.

This is what a combination of Porg and Pikachu would look like. The two most adorable creatures.
This is what the combination of Yoda and Alakazam would look like.
This is what a mixture of Mewtwo and Darth Vader. We must say this pokemon would be mighty and evil.
This is what the creature will look like if we combine Sarlac and Dugtrio.
This is what the mixture of BB-8 and Magnamite might look like. A pretty cool Droid floating on Electromagnetic waves, though.
The mixture of Wicket and Tediursa would look like this. Don’t let this cute creature fool you, and this character is ready to fight.
If we mix Jar Jar Binks with the Psyduck, we will be getting this. Both of them are headache and according to us will go well together.

These were some of the characters that would look cute if matched with each other. I hope you all liked the article, do comment your favorite characters you want to be matched from both the Universe.