Positive Effects of Word Unscrambling on Your Memory

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Word Unscrambling is a popular word game in which players rearrange a set of letters to form a word or a phrase. While it may seem like a simple pastime, research has shown that unscrambling words can have several positive effects on memory, but it also improves overall brain health. If you are having some difficulties at the beginning, you might consider using a reliable word unscrambling tool at UnscrambledWords that will help your beginner’s efforts.

How does brain memory work?

With certain scientific developments, we could understand and learn about many processes in our bodies. Naturally, the most important and complex organ – the brain, was the most interesting one to investigate and understand. That is why numerous pieces of research were conducted on this topic, especially regarding memory and learning processes.

Fluency and recency

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One crucial process called fluency occurs in our brains. Research has shown that when we acquire new knowledge, we store it in memory and retrieve it when needed. The frequency and recency of this information are very important when it comes to memory in general and recalling certain memories.

The more we practice and the more we repeat a certain piece of information, the easier it is for our brain to store it and use it later. Also, the brain is more likely to efficiently use knowledge when it is recently stored.

Sensory received information

Our brain receives sensory information and then assembles it into a whole piece of memory.

The more senses we use while collecting information, the more complete and ‘embedded’ that memory is in our brain. For example, if we collect information with both our eyes and ears, if we see and hear it at the same time, it is easier for our brain to process it. This memory is more complete compared to the one we have only heard.

Also, an emotional reaction can significantly strengthen a memory. If the information that is ‘written’ in our brain is connected to an emotion, it is stronger and easier to recall and store for a longer time.

How is all this connected to Word Unscrambling?

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One of the main benefits of Word Unscrambling is that it helps improve verbal memory and language skills. While solving word puzzles, we are effectively recalling and manipulating verbal information in our memory.

Frequent recollection, as we previously learned, is the main factor in strengthening memory skills. So, the conclusion is, the more word puzzles you complete, the more your brain is involved in verbal and phonetic manipulation. Also, if a certain memory is recent, it is easily used and processed by the brain. There is your reason to be a regular Word Unscrambler!

If a certain word in a previous game is the one that allowed you to win, you will certainly remember it. That exact moment which includes the memory of this word is the one you will not forget since it brings that sweet victory feeling. Even if some word made you frustrated because it took so much time to solve, you will benefit from it. Next time you won’t be fooled, you will easily recognize it because it also carries strong feelings.

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Here it is – World Unscrambling mixed with brain science. Does not look just like a simple pastime activity anymore, right?

Latins used to say that repetition is the mother of learning. The more you encounter certain words, the easier it will be for your brain to remember and use them. As time goes by, this word will become a ‘regular’ in your brain and it will come naturally while conversing. This way you benefit by expanding your vocabulary in general. This skill goes way beyond the boundaries of the game, it is now a part of your everyday life.

But the most important thing is to relax as much as possible while solving puzzles and let the brain do all the hard work. Don’t worry. Even if it looks simple, your brain is programmed to collect all the benefits, and there certainly are some.