Punky Brewster’ star Soleil Moon Frye says Demi Moore helped delivered her four children: ‘She’s incredible’


Soleil Moon Frye has several reasons to be thankful this season

For starters, the former child star is starring in the forthcoming”Punky Brewster” reboot in which she reprises the titular role but plays with a single mother trying to receive her life back on course. The first sitcom, which concentrated on a young woman raised by a foster dad (George Gaynes), aired from 1984 till 1988.

The 43-year-old can be emerging in her first Lifetime holiday movie titled”Staging Christmas,” a fantasy role the proud parent’s wanted for in her livelihood. And during it all, Frye is thankful to have longtime pals such as Demi Moore by her side — precisely the same actress who assisted delivered all of her kids.

Frye talked to Fox News about how Moore’s little-known part in real life, why she is excited to play with Punky Brewster again and her favorite memories on a place. She assisted my four infants in coming into the world, and she’s only a wonder-worker. She had been there with me each step along the way. And she keeps me grounded and was comforting to me during those adventures. And that I like her in the bottom of my heart.

I mean, I state that Demi has to have been the physician in her previous life since she’s miraculous in regards to bringing babies to the world. It is a little key, maybe not such a secret today since I keep telling everyone I know. I am like, “She attracted each of the babies.” … She is incredible. She’s rediscovering her inner kid. She’s newly single. She is raising her kids… and this little girl comes along that reminds her a lot of herself. And yet there is this chemistry, and they care about each other so much better. And so it gets the center of their first, which I adore so much. And there is a comedy, and there is emotion, and it only has so much soul.

Frye: Freddie Prinze Jr. was a fantasy. And it is wonderful. He had been so beautiful to use. He is so magical, so charismatic, and indeed a superb actor. And he is so funny in this. I can not wait for folks to view it.

Frye: It has been 30 decades? What exactly are you referring to? *laughs* It has been a very long time, but you understand, “Punky” resonated so much with folks and has been such a part of people’s hearts. And if folks would share their tales of growing up in one family with one parent, or adoption, foster families, folks would come and discuss their stories and become pure of spirit.

Plus, it has ever touched me … Fans feel as though Punky is their loved ones. And I think the same way. You know, as a small girl, I did not understand where she stopped, and I started. She is such a significant part of my own heart. So I’d always wanted to perform it. And also to have the ability to keep the integrity of their first — I do not take that lightly. I am aware that there is an individual responsibility since the first dealt with this kind of essential topics in this authentic way. And I am so pleased that the reboot is doing this.

Frye: Cherie Johnson remains my best about the series and the best in existence. I mean, she’s so brilliant, and it was so particular reuniting after 20 decades. I had not seen her, and it was so much fun to watch her. We were having so much pleasure. We’re moving daily, “That is a fantasy come true. Like we are living our dream.”

Frye: There are several joyous moments. I have this admiration for George Gaynes… along with the kindness, he showed me as a small girl. So my thoughts are painted with countless moments. Andy Gibb, I had been in love with and mad about him. And I like seeing the episode in which he is playing the piano, and I am gazing at him since… I see myself, falling in love, I am falling, crushing out since he was considerably older than me. However, I just was like, “Oh, he is so dreamy.”

The incident that dealt with the Challenger was close to my heart — so keeping that fantasy. But that has been so significant to me since that was something where it felt so faithful to us, and they’d take these things we were going through in our daily lives and do incidents. So having Buzz Aldrin there, it was unique and monumental for me.

Cherie becoming stuck in the fridge is an epic event. And to hear just how a lot of individuals could perform CPR on family and things like this. And to listen to the tales together with Punky, it had been much more than the usual series. It had been stern on people’s lives. And therefore, my hope is we make to do precisely the same again, all over again.

Frye: You know, I state for each a kid actor who has gone through so much, you’ll find so many who have made it through the opposite side. And so I know that there are trials and tribulations, but there are so many people who’ve experienced full, amazing lives. And I believe that often in the press, we ensure the tragic stories rather than the positive stories. And so for each one awful story, I could tell you ten, which is fantastic.

And that is not to mention we have not had our ups and downs and that we have gone through our roller coasters of bitterness and all that. And you’ve your scars. However, with this said, we have made it, and we have made amazing lives for ourselves and our households. I think of my girlfriend, Melissa Joan Hart, along with other children whom I’ve grown up with this are hanging around a household meal socializing and merely loving on each other and having a wonderful time, and that’s what I expect to watch continuously. As much as you will find quite sad stories, also, there are amazing stories.

Fox News: What is your relationship like with Melissa Joan Hart now? I mean, she is one of my most dear friends. It was wonderful. She came and stayed with me a couple of weeks back when she had been in LA. And it is a very genuine friendship, and she is a dear friend. And her children are amazing, and our children all get together.

Frye: “Staging Christmas” is my very first Christmas film, which I am rather excited about. And it is a love story. It has got the holiday spirit, it has reached that magical Christmas glow plus it is such a sweet story, and it has been such an enjoyable adventure… Literally, in my list of items I wished to do would be like a Christmas film for Lifetime. Plus, it was a dream come true.
Frye: You know, my children and I are very, very intimate and we love to see films together. So I am excited to have the ability to see this together. So to be in a position to perform a movie that the entire family can appreciate is excellent.