“Real Steel” Sequel Is Happening! Check Out More Details

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After 9 full years of obscurity, Netflix is giving a second life to Real Steel. And now a Second might be in the works!

Real Steel is the quintessential Hugh Jackman movie, with all that charm and fitness. Well, that’s not true, this is a bit of a departure from 2011. However, the franchise was reportedly one and done, but massive popularity might be bringing it back to life. Also, the fact that the movie came with a second wave ever since debuting on Netflix, audiences have been flocking towards the classic from almost a decade ago.

In a recent weekly top 10, we’ve seen Real Steel dominating charts once again. In times of uncertainty, people of all age want to latch onto something light-hearted and positive.

Real Steel 2 Media
Hugh Jackman might be returning to reprise his portrayal of Charlie Kenton.

When is the Real Steel sequel premiering after the performance bump?

For those who love authentic and official news, there’s no new at all. Everything has been kept under wraps by the movie production house as well as the parties in association with the first instalment. However, it may mean that all this sequel talk is just gossip or maybe it’s just about keeping everything under wraps.

Reports suggest that the sequel is well and truly in development with Dreamworks & Reliance Limited. The filming will start in 2024, and the pre-productions is already underway. If we go by the projections, the Real Steel 2 will arrive at the theatres in 2024.

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Netflix is the avenue responsible for resurrecting a franchise back from mortality.

Audience reactions for the franchise so far after the first movie:-

It is like the classic Rocky on adrenaline and with a whole lot better acting. Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo all have great performances. Dakota who plays the Hugh’s son really carries the movie, but all the actors’ performances are all brilliant.

The plot is set the near future where robot boxing is a popular sport. Charlie Kenton is a struggling ex-boxer who finds a dominant champion in a discarded robot. The dynamics between Charlie, His son, Max, and the robot is what makes the story so attractive.

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