After An Automobile Collision, What Should You Do To Rectify A Police Report

Automobile Collision

A police report could be important proof to show that the other driver’s negligence caused the damages if you suffered injuries in a vehicle accident.

However, because they are individuals, police officers sometimes commit mistakes. says you should take this chance to get any errors in their description of what happened.

After an automobile collision, what should you do to rectify a police report?

rectify a police report

Police reports can include three different types of errors: factual errors, transcription errors, and errors of omission. Factual errors are simpler to fix since they contain objective data. They often involve incorrect car colors or models and mismatched license plate numbers.

Likewise, transcription errors may occur. The normal process for officers is to create notes while on an accident site and then gather them into a report a few hours or days later. They could make mistakes since their notes are unclear or hard to understand afterward.

When an officer fails to include important detail in the report, it is regarded as an error of omission. You would like to get this modified, for example, if the officer ignored what you said about potential injuries and stated no information at all about them, ignoring the fact that you informed them you experienced you were possibly hurt.

If there is an option for changing an incorrect police report, contact the local law enforcement agency that issued the report and check its website. Follow those instructions.

What to do if the error is a disputed fact?

Facts related to the accident’s cause or how it happened are the topic of disputed errors. While it is significantly more difficult to correct them, there are several measures you may take:

  1. Be kind when speaking with the policeman about the error.

2. If you notice an error, get in contact with law enforcement immediately to try to get it rectified before the police report is finalized.

3. Provide any proof you have, such as statements from witnesses, pictures of the car’s damage, or medical documents confirming the severity of your injuries, indicating why the report is incorrect.

A4. sk whether you can produce an additional statement to be included in the report if the officer is not amending it, which is likely given the reason for the issue.

The simplest method to get a police report modified is to have an experienced auto accident lawyer communicate with the police on your behalf.

Importance of a police report following an automobile collision

Importance of a police report following an automobile collision

After you get into a car accident, it is crucial to file a police report. Often, victims ignore filing a police report, which later affects the outcome of their car accident claim. This is especially the case in minor fender-benders. Car accident victims fail to report to law enforcement about minor accidents, and when the need to file a claim arises, having no evidence or police report can harm the claim.

Let us take an example here. If you get into a car accident and sustain no injuries or damage (at least, that is what you consider seeing the present circumstances), you will not file a report. Now, after a few days or weeks, the injuries you sustained during the accident seem to be visible. In such a case, you would consider seeking financial compensation and hold the negligent party accountable.

But, when you go to file a car accident claim without a proper police report, the insurance company may turn your claim down. The insurance company can also claim you lack sufficient evidence to prove your injuries occurred from the accident. In another case, your accident never even occurred.

This is just an example of a possible situation that occurs that demands the evidence of a police report. Considering the above example, if you file a police report immediately after your accident, you will have evidence to claim that your accident happened. The police report contains all the crucial details of the accident.

Furthermore, the report will also contain the possible party at fault for the accident, which will make your claim stronger (unless you were not at fault for the accident in any way).

Do I need a lawyer to rectify a police report?


Generally, the police take all the available parameters into consideration when filing your report. Law enforcement will never randomly make a report based on what you are saying. After thoroughly examining the accident scene, the police will proceed to file a report. Once the report is filed, you are allowed to request a copy of the report.

After you get the police report, it is highly recommended to get it verified and ensure all the facts and details written in the report are correct. This is because you are further going to use the police report when you file a claim and seek financial compensation. If the details mentioned in the report do not match the evidence and details you are giving to the insurance company, they will likely raise a question and find your claim suspicious.

Therefore, it is essential to let a lawyer check and verify your police report. Once you go through it manually, consult an experienced lawyer who can verify the reports properly. Since lawyers are experienced and possibly have dealt with similar cases before, they are aware of the details a report contains. Based on their experience and expertise, they can verify the reports and let you know if it is good to submit ahead.

If your lawyer finds any mistake in the police report, they will be able to guide you on your next steps. In many cases, the lawyer will talk to law enforcement on your behalf. Undoubtedly, the police also need evidence and sufficient proof of you claiming the reports have mistakes, or certain things are not right. If a lawyer speaks on your behalf, the police will likely understand their mistakes better and cooperate in rectifying them.

Get help for your case!

You might be eligible to seek monetary compensation for your injuries and damages following an accident.

If you are considering filing a claim or are already in the process, ensure to speak to an experienced car accident lawyer who will be on your side and ensure you get successful compensation.