Renee Gracie: Racer-turned-adult Film Star Stirs Copyright Controversy & slams Indians.


The Renee Gracie Indian racist remarks were drifting via social media after the former Supercars racer hammered Indians on her page. This was done for taking photographs and recordings from her exclusive content. The Renee Gracie Australia racing profession concluded seven months back, after the 25-year-old consented to switch vocations. She join the adult film industry instead and Gracie has been standing out as truly newsworthy in recent weeks. In an ongoing Renee Gracie Indian tirade, the Australian model uncovered that she ‘doesn’t care for Indians from now onwards’. She will expel the entirety of the Indian endorsers on her page.

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Renee Gracie Australia adult film star: Renee Gracie Indian bigot comments

Renee Gracie posted a lengthy message on her membership administration. It was slamming Indians for taking the photos and recordings of her that she transferred on the web. The Renne Gracie Indian basing started with the adult film star marking Indian individuals on her page as ‘as*****s’. Gracie blamed Indian fans on her page for taking her photos and afterward making illicit and counterfeit profiles. She is the one in particular who has the copyright to every last bit of her substance.

Renee Gracie is currently angry with her Indian fans for taking her pictures. She offered a contemptuous remark towards Indians as she guaranteed, ‘I don’t care for Indians any longer at this point’. The Renee Gracie recordings were purportedly taken and transferred on different distinctive phony records when her recordings became a web sensation. The Renee Gracie Indian slamming proceeded with the 25-year-old previous racecar driver expressing that on the off chance that anybody has taken pictures and recordings from her pages, they are ‘a****s.’ After an issue with Instagram for bringing down her photographs, Renee Gracie currently hammered Indians for taking her copyright pictures.

The Renee Gracie Indian bigot remarks at that point followed as she composed, ‘In case you’re Indian, get off my page at present!’. Renee Gracie uncovered that she was enraged and will expel all the Indian endorsers from her page.

Renee Gracie Australian adult film star: Renee Gracie recordings

The Renee Gracie Australia dashing vocation neglected to procure the 25-year-old a considerable pay during her seven-year profession. A change to the adult business has seen Renee Gracie make a little fortune over a generally brief timeframe. As indicated by reports from The Telegraph, Renee Gracie gains a detailed $90,650 and is on course to make over $1 million this year. The Renee Gracie Instagram page has more than 661,000 devotees.