RHOC – Tamra Judge Gets Called Out By Groupon After She Claims Cut Fitness Doesn’t Use The Discount Service


RHOCDuring part one of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 reunion, Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd got into it when Judge made fun of Dodd’s Positive beverage company, stating the products were in discount shops. This resulted in Dodd moving after Judge’s”losing” Cut Fitness gym, asserting she uses Groupon for customers.

However, when Dodd requested her Twitter followers what they thought of part among the RHOC reunion, Groupon called out Judge with proof which Cut Fitness has utilized the reduction service in the past.

“We are just gonna make here…” responded the Groupon Twitter accounts, along with a screenshot of a Cut Fitness Groupon supply for 77 percent off of classes.

She added that she’ll be calling Groupon offices soon. Dodd also chimed to the thread, telling Judge to leave Groupon alone since it’s the holiday season. Then, the newly-engaged Dodd decided to throw some colour at Judge.

“Is backpedaling a workout regimen they supply at Cut Fitness? When you stop lying so frequently in conditions in which it’s easy to expose the facts, you won’t have to always scramble to change your story…. Must be exhausting. happy holidays to you & your fam ♥” Dodd tweeted.

Judge then went to a Twitter rant, posting over 20 tweets about her business, and she thanked

Groupon for the free advertisement because she promised that Cut Fitness had not used

Groupon in”several decades.”

Judge also insisted she wasn’t lying around utilizing Groupon, describing that they used the service years back when they opened. She claimed the ad was not active, and it had been”very unprofessional” of Groupon to converse otherwise. She asked at one point if Groupon’s tweet was valid, but it absolutely is since Groupon advertisements are public information.

Judge also responded to Dodd’s attacks, saying that Dodd didn’t understand even though she’d explained it. Judge stuck to her guns, saying they hadn’t used Groupon in years. She also threatened Dodd with a lawsuit if she didn’t stop assaulting her business.

Emily Simpson also got involved with the thread and praised Groupon, writing that her respect and admiration for the provider only triumphed.