Simon Cowell: How’s Life After Recovery? Birthday Celebrations

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell daydreams of a ‘splashy return’ after a back injury on show. And surgery overcame him off ‘AGT.’ An insider gives an update on Simon’s restoration and his 61st birthday bashes!

The best grant for Simon Cowell, who is rejoicing his 61st birthday on Oct. 7 and they had fun. And would be reverting to the spotlight. The box show judge had to take a sprinkle check on all the live shows throughout Season 15 of America’s Got Talent. And after Simon Cowell breaking his back and enduring surgery in August. Simon Cowell even dropped out on the excellent finale that aired on Sept. 23! As Simon feasts this year’s birthday in improving, Sources was given an update on how the famous judge feels. Simon, after post-operation and how he contributed this special day with his six-year-old son, Eric.

Simon Cowell

“Simon Cowell is doing as well as one could be after backbone surgery. And he understands that he avoided a bullet. And could easily be paralyzed or worse dead.” And a source close to the AGT judge Solely tells us. “So, he is counting his auspicious stars. And Simon is delighted that he can appreciate this birthday at home in Malibu. And it is as smooth as it can be.” Simon’s boy, Eric, has also remained an enormous help everywhere his dad’s recovery — not just on his birthday!

“Simon Cowell is experiencing this time with Eric. And he loves that Eric is a great help throughout the house. And Eric was getting things for his dad during his improvement period. Whether it is something like a drink or food or a book, he was there. And Eric is really rising up and helping out,” our reference continues. Although Simon’s pleasant for both his son’s help and the surgery’s achievement. And he was unquestionably disappointed about his lack of screen time on Season 15 of AGT. But never the less Simon Cowell is all okay now.

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