Why Wolverine Isn’t In Dark Phoenix, According To Simon Kinberg

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Although the X-Men are traditionally an ensemble-led property, there’s no question that when it comes to the film franchise, Wolverine was the most prominent character. Except for DeadpoolHugh Jackman played the clawed mutant in every X-Men-related movie from 2000 to 2017, officially retiring from the role in Logan.

However, since Dark Phoenix is marking the last of the Fox era’s main X-Men movies, you might have wondered if Hugh Jackman will reprise Wolverine for a cameo, similar to his appearances in First Class and Apocalypse. Well, no such luck, and not just because Hugh Jackman hung up the adamantium claws. Here’s what director Simon Kinberg had to say about Wolverine’s absence in Dark Phoenix:

If you know the Dark Phoenix story, you’d want to service the love story between Logan and Jean. And I think the notion of Hugh Jackman, as high as he looks for his age, and Sophie Turner — it didn’t sit well with me. Or anyone else!

Simon Kinberg makes a fair point. On the one hand, there was a love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine in the era of the comic when The Dark Phoenix Saga was published, and X-Men: The Last Stand continued exploring the latter two’s romantic dynamic. Dark Phoenix eschewing is a notable departure from the source material.

On the other hand, while there’s only a four-year age difference between Hugh Jackman and original Jean Grey Famke Janssen, Jackman and Sophie Turner have nearly 30 years separating them. Granted, Wolverine is almost two centuries old in the modern-day X-Men universe, so age will always be an issue with any woman he gets romantically involved with him. Still, since visually, it’s more noticeable between Jackman and Turner, Kinberg and the creative team decided to set that element of the original story aside.

Additionally, Simon Kinberg told Rolling Stone that excluding Wolverine from Dark Phoenix came from not wanting to divert attention from the main character, as this movie revolves around Jean Grey’s corruption. Kinberg continued:

There was an element of this being Jean’s story. Simon Kinberg was committing so fully to it that I did not want to run the risk of pulling away from Jean by going to the well of a fan-favorite character in these movies. I wanted this to be a very different experience of seeing an X-Men movie.

At least we know that in this new timeline that Dark Phoenix and its predecessor take place in, Wolverine ready to join the X-Men somewhere down the line, just like he did in the original schedule. But as far as Dark Phoenix goes, he’s still doing his own thing nine years after Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler freed him from William Stryker’s facility.

It also helps that Wolverine’s story, which concluded in Logan, where (SPOILER ALERT) the character died in the year 2029, protecting his daughter and Transigen targeted other young mutants. Jackman made it clear after Logan’s release that he would not play Wolverine again, so even if Simon Kinberg and his team had wanted to include the character in Dark Phoenix, it’s highly unlikely the actor would have come back.

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