The Witches of New York Book is Getting a Netflix Series! Marti Noxon to Produce it

The Witches of New York

The Witches of New York: We learned Netflix would team up with Buffy, The Vampire Slayer producer Marti Noxon. Netflix is coming up with a brand new TV series based on the book. Netflix is adapting the TV series from the book The Witches of New York by Ami McKay. Let us jump in to know more about it.

The Witches of New York

The series is set during the 1880s. The fantasy series is based on the novel set two hundred years after the trials in Salem. The series will go along with two witches who open a tea shop when a new woman joins as an apprentice. She begins to question the pair who run the shop when she starts hearing and seeing remarkable things when she suddenly disappears.

The Witches of New York

The origin of the material comes from Ami McKay. Ami McKay is also known for her other bestselling books, The Virgin Cure and The Birth House. The series looks like it will charge the hole now left by Charmed. It got removed in its whole at the beginning of October 2024. 

The Witches of New York Book is Getting a Netflix Series?

Marti Noxon was the best choice for her role in Buddy, The Vampire Slayer. Noxon was the best fit as a writer and producer in The Vampire Slayer. Noxon also had roles in other huge series, namely as unREAL, Grey’s Anatomy, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, and many recently on the TV side. Also, Sharp Objects for HBO.

Marti had already signed with Netflix in November 2018 for a comprehensive output deal. Since 2018, it had been a dead silent zone for the book. Also, it refers to that the producer has begun working on projects. The contract deal stated for the multiple number of years since 2018. 

Who are the cast members of the series?

No cast has officially been aligned for the roles. But from our sources, we have the information that Eliza Scanlen is the first preference for the role of Beatrice Dunn.

Eliza Scanlen

Also, the show was initially scheduled to start filming in early Summer of 2024. However, due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, the production did not start.

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