Riverdale Season 5 coming up soon?

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Are you an Archie comic fan? If yes, then you must have gone crazy when you came to know about CW making a show inspired by its characters.
Even though it’s a video makeover of a comic book, it still withholds only the basic plot or the premise of the comic. But its more addictive due to its tone, mysteries, and storyline.
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How is the viewership of this show?

After the launch of ‘Riverdale,’ it has been one of the most-viewed show, especially among the youth. Every season has some or the other twist, with changing plots, relationship twists, or sometimes new character. These twists and turns keep the viewers of the show engrossed and entangled with the show.

The show changed for good over the years and gained huge popularity. Now every Riverdale fan is curious to know the show’s future. As of now 4th season has ended, but will there be any other season.
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What about Season 5?

Riverdale’s season 4 was on aired on October, 2019 on CW. This season had only 19 episodes, but originally it was set to have 22 episodes. The makers were not able to shoot all the episodes; only half of the 20th episode was shot due to the corona apocalypse.
Now, what about the future of Riverdale? The makers of Riverdale has already renewed the last season of the show.
But keeping in mind the current pandemic situation of the world, the makers can’t shoot, and hence the shoe is unlikely to release in its scheduled month i.e., October. Most probably, it will release in 2024.
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What about the cast of the show?

It is most likely that all the cast remain the same and continue to shoot for the show. However, the same can’t be said about Marisol Nicholis and Skeet Ulrich. As it was confirmed before that season, 4 will be their last season, and after this, they will leave the show.
But as all the episodes of season 4 haven’t been shot and their characters didn’t receive proper closure, they may appear in the first few episodes of the show. But Ashleigh Murray will be absent next season.

What will be the plot of Season 5?

In the last season, all the characters reach the senior year of their school life; they are ready to pass and leave the school and go to college.
If reports are to be believed, the show will have a time leap of 5 years, in which all the characters of the story will go to college. But eventually end up joining Riverdale, which is full of mysteries.
However, due to the incomplete end of last season, things are quite complicated and unclear about how the makers will carry forward the show. As in the 4th season, students fight with Mr. Honey, but things turn to peace.
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FP and Hermione didn’t get the goodbyes. Even there is no proper closure to the relationship between Charles and Chick.
These mysteries and incomplete arcs of characters and their relationship have need to get attention in the next season. Hence there will be a slight change in the plot and storyline planned by makers before this pandemic.
We will keep you updated when we get any news regarding the Riverdale series and its new season.