Schitt’s Creek Season 7: All You Need To Know


Schitt’s Creek can be seen as an endangered species of TV shows. The show was premiered in 2015. Initially, there was a very small and quality audience for the show that can be described from fine to mediocre. The show stream kept on improving with every season for six seasons straight and developed a devoted fan base.

Schitt’s Creek
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It also appeared on Netflix in 2017, and got a sparkling interest from the United States. The growing interest in the show was directly proportional to the steady improvement in the episodes.

The finale was genuinely great and it was the sixth and final season.

The Start and End of Schitt’s Creek

The beginning of the show was sour and sardonic and end was sweet and warm. It started with a family losing its wealth and fortune because of the manager’s tax dodging. Patriarch Johnny, played by Eugene Levy used to operate a video rental chain and Moira, played by Catherine O’Hara is a retired actress.

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The children, David and Alexis(played by Dan Levy and Annie Murphy) are in their 20s. The only asset remaining for the Rose family is the town which Johnny bought for David as a gift.

The family struggles to get back on their feet and establishes themselves in Schitt’s Creek and assures each other that this is temporary. the Schitt’s Creek was sardonic to the point of sourness.

Season 2 mellowed over and later it matured into a comedy that was going to be weird for its jokes. With time, the members of the family realised that instead of figures of money they need to understand each other better.

Schitt’s Creek
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The last storyline is responsible for its dramatic surge in reputation from a pleasant little Canadian sitcom to the comedy that everyone is talking about.

If Season 7 comes, then there is a storyline that can be followed like, Alexis can unexpectedly visit with David and Patrick. The new-wed couple could decide to have a baby and the family can also decide to go back to the town.

The season 6 was the final but fans are still hoping that they’ll be seeing another season. Officially there is no confirmation regarding the renewal for the seventh season.