Schitt’s Creek Season 7: Release Date, Plot, Everything you need to know about the show! 


Canadian Television Drama Schitt’s Creek revolves around a super-rich family that is facing struggles because of the fraud that is committed by their business manager. The series was first aired on CBC Television on January 13, 2015.

When the production saw the positive reaction by the audience, they decided to continue the series. As of now, it has six seasons. Schitt’s Creek is one of the very few series that has got a renewal even before it’s last season ends.

Schitt’s Creek then follows a comedy genre further, and collects a lot of awards and recognition from the world. As the show was growing, so was it’s popularity. So, as per the audience request, the show was aired both in Canada and America at the same time. Dany Levy and Eugene Levy created the series.

Schitt's Creek
Schitt’s Creek

The last season of the series has been premiered since January 7, 2024. There are millions of viewers of the show who are desperately watching it. As per latest reports, the show has gained positive response from the viewers all around the globe. The ratings of the shows are magnificent. It holds a RottrnTomatoes rating of 92% and an IMDB rating of 8.4/10.

When is Schitt’s Creek Season 7 hitting the screens?

As per reports, the release date of Schitt’s Creek Season 7 has not been out yet. Also, the Co-creator of the show has given a hint that season 6 will get maybe the last season for this long-running series. Now, this information has been officially confirmed by the production. But, there is still hope for things to change and for a new season. As of now, this is a that we know about the show’s season 7 release.

Updates on Season 7 of Schitt’s Creek

As per latest reports, the season 7 for the much-awaited series has been renewed. This announcement has already led the fans to be curious as we all know, that the sudden outbreak of the pandemic has led to the shutting down of all the shooting activities. So we cannot expect the next season soon.

Schitt’s Creek season 7 is one of the most awaited series of 2024 by the audience. As of now, the show has completed six seasons with 80 episodes in total. As per the sources, the shooting will resume post lockdown period, since not much can be done as of now. There even hasn’t been a trailer released for now. So, the fans must wait for a while before Season 7 comes up.

Schitt's Creek
A still from Schitt’s Creek

What is the plot for the show?

As of now, according to the information we have, the plot of the next season will only be released before the few days of the actual series release. And, there has also been an update on the cast. The crew as always will be casting for the next season of Schitt’s Creek Season 7.

Till then, we will lead you through the overall plot of the show. The story is all about a wealthy family who are living a high life. The Rose family had father Johnny, mother Moira, and their two grownup kids David and Alexis. Everything was going fine, until one day their economic conditions turn upside down.

This happens because the manager of their company commits a fraud. As a result, the Rose family had no option but to leave their house and settle in Schitt’s Creek. There, they start to end and bring in their healthy lives in a two rooms motel. This further explains their change in attitude and also, the funny incident that they come across after while trying to settle in a healthy life.