Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Is the wait is still on? Check out now.

Star Trek Discovery

The great success and very high momentum of Star Trek Season one unknowingly won our hearts and also made us take more interest in it to watch. So, people, let us talk about some pretty interesting facts about Star Trek.

Release Date

There is no doubt that the third season of Star Trek will come very soon. But the creators of Star Trek has not announced the release date yet. It is pretty much apparent that the show is attracting many viewers and also the number is still increasing. As the sci-fi drama that it contains is the primary and prevalent theme that is loved by peoples.

The Cast of Star Trek Season 3

The stars that performed in season one and two are going to return in season 3. Here’s a quick recap of the stars of season 1 and 2. Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham, Doug Jones as Saru, Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets, Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly, and Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber. Also, we are going to see Michelle Yeoh’s Captain/Emperor Georgiou in multiple episodes.

We will also see the famous David Ajala as the Cleveland “Book” Booker. He will be a pretty exciting add up in the plot. The various themes of the show, which are yet to be discovered, will also be revealed.

Trailer Analysis

You people can find the trailer on any online platform and can watch it. The Trailer is also not telling much about the plot that leads to some thinkable story. The trailer was released in New York in 2019, Comic-Con. The trailer shows that the characters are being teleported into the far future. Also, Star Trek managed to perform every alternate version of lead character Michael. Though the Federation is not much mentioned in the trailer.


Many of the crucial things about Season 3 can be known from its trailer. Like we can see that the environment is now very harmful. Now its a pretty different environment for the Discovery crew. Also Federation and Starfleet have lost control. They are like 950 years ahead of the present time. Isn’t that strange? They are all alone by themselves, but yet they are together. They don’t have anything to lose except for themselves. Their everything and everyone they love was in the past. Also, we all are pretty much aware of Kirk’s death. But the main problem here is to forget him as it is not easy to get the emotion out of our hearts.