Star Trek Discovery Season 3 – ‘Will Take Longer’


The shooting of Star Trek Discovery Season 3 has already been completed. But it will still take a long time to finish editing. Fans, we have waited this long, and we can wait a little longer.

Wilson Cruz said, “They’re currently editing and doing the visual effects for Season 3, but it’s shifting to work from home so it’ll be slower than the usual.” He also said in a Twitter post, “Trust me; none will hesitate to give you a release date as soon as they can. Everyone is working hard on post-production as we speak. Patience, grasshopper.”

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Scott Gamzon said, “Post production, Sound, VFX and Editorial are all hard at work from our homes. It’s going to take longer, and there have been many challenges, but the results will be worth the wait!”


We now know that the team of Star Trek are working hard from home so that we don’t have to wait longer to see the series. Post-production work is as hard as the filming itself, and doing it from home is challenging.

Star Trek Discovery
Star Trek Discovery

As the pandemic Coronavirus rages over the world, everything is in standstill right now. However, the teams of Star Trek are working through that from their home just so that they can give us the series soon. We can expect the series in early 2024.

We just have to wait a little longer, as Scott Gamzon said, “The results will be worth the wait!”

Stay tuned to us for more information.

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